Tuesday, September 28, 2004

There is a Wall in Corvallis JUST for Grafitti... Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

My Wife Barbara Gunther and My Late Friend Jerry Martin celebrating a victory at Professional Messenger (1999?)- Jerry we will miss you!  Posted by Hello
Artwork For A Quarter Posted by Hello

New Ramones DVD--RAW!

Wow! If you can't wait for "End f the Century" to come to your town , go out and get the new DVD-5 + hours of video footage ,reviewed here at Amazon:

An appropriately rough-and-tumble visual scrapbook of the Ramones' 20-year run, Ramones: Raw is sure to please fans of the legendary punk band with over five hours of live performances and rare behind-the-scenes footage. The core of the disc is a rock & roll Frankenstein of ferocious live performances of their most well-loved numbers, including "Blitzkrieg Bop," "Rockaway Beach," and many others, interspersed with footage of the band on television and at venues around the world. But for veteran Ramones followers, the disc's real value comes in the supplemental features, which are crowned by an hourlong, never-before-seen performance filmed for Italian television. The extras also include rowdy appearances on everything from Howard Stern's early '90s TV series to the NYC cable access program Uncle Floyd; clips from drummer Marky Ramone's extensive Super-8 footage of the band offer an off-stage glimpse at the group's humor, especially in the face of frantic international audiences. All this, capped by wry commentary by Marky and Johnny, means that if you've flown the Gabba-Gabba-Hey flag at any point in your life, you'll want Ramones: Raw. --Paul Gaita DescriptionHey, Ho, Let's Go! It's the world-famous Ramones in their first officially authorized DVD! The Definitive Ramons DVD Containing Over 5 Hours of Material! Climb in the van, buckle up and hang on tight to experience life on the road with the founding fathers of punk rock, The Ramones! The band that started it all stars in this comprehensive video scrapbook containing over 5 hours of rare material spanning the Ramones' history-making career (circa 1979-1996), most of which is seen here exclusively for the first time anywhere! Vintage concert footage (shot on film in 1980, archived and nearly forgotten for over 20 years), rare TV appearances, backstage footage and lots more are set within the core: a plethora of home video from the Ramones' personal archives. This exclusive fly-on-the-wall opportunity is the next best thing to actually being in the band! Featuring an eclectic mix of celebrity guests including The Doors' Robby Krieger performing live with the Ramones, Eddie Vedder, Carly Simon, Gilbert Gottfried, "Grandpa" Al Lewis (of TV's The Munsters), Bono & U2, Debbie Harry and many more! See why the Ramones have stood the test of time with their simple yet immortal brand of music that's influenced generations the world over. From their humble NYC beginnings at CBGB's to induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Ramones have done it all. Now you'll feel like you're right there with them the whole time with one of the most important bands to break ground since the Beatles led the British Invasion! Don't miss the world-famous Ramones in their first officially authorized DVD: Ramones Raw! Featuring 21 vintage live performances of Ramones classics including "Blitzkrieg Bop," "I Wanna Be Sedated," rare gems like "I Can't Make It on Time" and more! Songs include: Blitzkrieg Bop, Teenage Lobotomy, Today Your Love Tomorrow the World, Rockaway Beach, Touring, Apeman Hop, 53rd and 3rd, Cretin Hop, I Wanna Be Sedated, I Don't Want You, Judy Is a Punk, I Can't Make It on Time, Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio, I Just Wanna Have Something to Do, Rock and Roll Radio, Pinhead, Take It as It Comes, She's the One, Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, I Don't Want to Grow Up, R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Over 90 Minutes of Special Features with More Ramones Songs:
Feature-Length Commentary Track with Johnny Ramone, Marky Ramone & Director John Cafiero, 8 TV Appearances, 18 Deleted Scenes, 12 Easter Eggs, 1 Full-length Bonus Program (27 minutes).
Executive Producer: Marky RamoneProduced, Directed & Edited By: John Cafiero

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Stomp and Swerve!

Currently I am reading this cool book by David Wondrich Called "Stomp and Swerve" about the evolution of American music from slave days up to the jazz era.There is also a CD compilation that I must get. In this book David traces the history and development of what was called "coon" music and demonstrates that the first Rock and Roll songs evolved in the late 19th century!
Download samples From the Archeophone website:

Wondrich's essay is a provocative look into America's richly layered musical traditions, in which the underground conversations by outsiders like blacks and hillbillies were gradually assimilated into the mix. The result was what Wondrich calls "hot": the marriage of the stomping, driving rhythmic phrases of mainstream, Euro-Celtic tradition with the swerving, break-the-rules slurring, smearing, and squawking that would be the impulse behind jazz. But the recording industry was always a little behind the times, and we have dug hard to find examples of those moments in the often staid recordings of the early years when something wonderfully unpredictable happens.

On future Hangover shows I will try to play some of these rare recordings.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Marc Time and his 5 oclock shadow on the air at KWVA-FM 88.1 Eugene-go to www.kwvaradio.org
to listen to the Sunday Morning Hangover every Sunday 8-10 AM PST Posted by Hello

This is what I like about Corvallis--they have lots of art and statues around town-such as this heavy metal dog. Posted by Hello

Kick Out The Jams!!!

Yeah the MC5 or Motor City Five if you prefer-found a link to some great MC5 tunes here:

I remember getting their LPs in the bargain bins in the early 70's and marveling at the sheer energy. Little did I know that they would become a major influence on the so called Punk Rock movement.
My favorite was "Ramblin Rose" cuz he sang it in that high squeaky voice.
Motor City is still burning.
Hey these are in M4A format so they take awhile to load. Sorry.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Little Marc Time Posted by Hello

Half Empty or Half Full?

In popular language the term pessimist is applied to persons who habitually take a melancholy view of life, to whom painful experiences appeal with great intensity, and who have little corresponding appreciation of pleasurable ones. Such a temper is partly due to natural disposition, and partly to individual circumstances. According to Caro (after von Hartmann), it is especially prevalent in periods of transition, in which old ways of thought have lost their hold, while the new order has not yet made itself fully known, or has not secured general acceptance for its principles. In such a state of things men's minds are driven in upon themselves; the outward order appears to lack stability and permanence, and life in general tends consequently to be estimated as hollow and unsatisfactory. Metchnikoff attributes the pessimistic temper to a somewhat similar period in the life history of the individual, viz.: — that of the transition from the enthusiasm of youth to the calmer and more settled outlook of maturity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This Way to Hell-Vote Bush and You're There Posted by Hello
Teach Your Children Well Posted by Hello

Message from my friend The Pope

My friend Pope Paul Pot emailed and reminded me that I forgot to include my work with him in various musical projects:
Go To-

Gail and the Fudgepackers
After writing a song called"Night of the Living Elvis" and having it played on KALX 90.7 FM in Berkeley, Xeno Lactomase and Paul Pot joined in with the folks listed below to form Gail and the Fudgepackers. They played two gigs in 1986 and broke up in a huff. After the breakup the band was asked by Shredder Records if a recording of this song could be included on the first (and now unavailable) Shredder Records release. Everybody shrugged their shoulders and said ok. If the band had been more into it, maybe they might have insisted on the superior "Living in the Sewer" or even "Night of the Living Elvis". Oh well. Some things just get lost.

Gail Warning : Bass
Pope Paul Pot : Vocals
Marc Time : Drums
Gary Nervo : Farfisa
Xeno : Guitar

After that we played Gilman St. as Jack and Jill and worked together on recording demos.
All this leads to the Happy Clams-check out the site!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

arc ime Posted by Hello

We ARE Devo!

Got this great DEVO bootleg at this website:
I hope it is still there--I saw Devo many times in the 70's and 80's and they still nerd-rock.

Hot Dog! Posted by Hello

Letter to the Weekly


While I can sympathize with the plight of the indy records store owner painted by Seth Walker's "Facing the Music" (8/12), I must add that service and friendliness to customers seems to be a forgotten art in today's small stores. And while it is all too easy to blame downloading on the lack of sales, the blame squarely falls on high CD prices ($18.98 a CD!) and inferior music, as well as a "too cool for you" attitude.
And why no mention of Eugene's truly great music outlets like the Museum of Unfine Art or House of Records? It seems that the writer would rather send us to Portland to ignore two of Eugene's finest stores, where a smile and a "Hello" go a long way to making a sale.

Marc Time, Junction City

Bo in 1987 Posted by Hello

Too Old To Rock and Roll?

Many years ago I was in some San Francisco Rock /Punk/New Wave bands. Now, on the words of Jethro Tull, I am " Too Old to Rock and Roll."

The Jars were formed in 1978 out of the remnants of San Francisco’s SST. SST included Ted Falconi later of Flipper on guitar.
After SST broke up in 78 Irene Dogmatic formed the Beauty Killers with Matt Markham from SST, Jim Goodwin (later with Sparks, John Cale and the Call) Marc Time on Drums and Mik McDow on guitar and Armin Hammer on Bass. After a gig or 2 in SF the Beauty Killers broke up.
In 1978 Marc Mik and Armin formed the Jars with JD Buhl , and Gary Nervo(ex Pagans Road Manager) . The Jars helped spearhead the Berkeley Punk/New Wave scene by playing at the International Café, Aitos Club,the Keystone,Berleley High and various pizza parlors and frat parties.
By 1979 the Jars were playing all over the Bay Area at the Mabuhay Gardens, the Deaf Club, the Temple and the old Waldorf opening up for Roky Erickson, the Angry Samoans, Horslips, the Dickies, the Flamin Groovies, the Psycotic Pineapple, the Dead Kennedys, the Suspects, the Mutants ,and MX 80 to name but a few. It was in 1979 that J.D.Buhl left the band.
An EP was recorded for the young Subterranean label, “Start Rite Now”, “Psycho”, and “Electric 3rd Rail”. In 1980 a second 45 “Time of the Assassins/Jar Wars” was recorded and released on a Telegraph Avenue record store label called Universal records. Both songs received much airay on starions such as KALX and rose to the top of the Mabuhay Gardens Rotten Record chart. Mike Montalto (ex Special Guests) joined on guitar.
Sessions at Fantasy records for the first LP "Teenage Rebellion" continued into 1981 but band members soon parted to pursue separate musical projects.
Marc and Nervo formed the Art Faggots with Ray Farrell
(ex Sonic Youth Road Manager) and Nervos wife Marge on Drums.

Later came Bo with Marc and Nervo, Marc Monosonic (ex Fried Abortions Manager) and Snoopy (Snoopy and Red Baronesses) on Guitar. This band opened for Isocracy, Rancid, the Offspring Crimpshrine, Green Day and others at the Gilman St club in Berkeley in the late 80s.

Maybe someday again I will be rockin' but nowadays I can't seem to find the time.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Marcy Autograph Posted by Hello

17th Eugene Record Convention In 5 months!!!

and am I excited! Not to jump the gun but it's on Feb 13 2005 at the Hilton and I am registering now to sell some cool vinyl. Here's what Emerald writer Ryan Nyberg said about last year's:

While there is money to be made in record dealing, the convention doesn't seem to be about that aspect. There is chatter going on everywhere, with people discussing music, bragging over their latest finds, asking about obscure bootlegs, etc. And while many collectors' items are for sale, this isn't a place for people just out to find expensive first editions. The people here honestly seem to care about music.
"My first record was 'Telstar' by the Tornadoes and I haven't been the same since," dealer and KWVA DJ Marc Time said. "As a kid I would take money for my clarinet lessons and use it to buy singles, like 'All Along the Watchtower' by Jimi Hendrix."
I guess that part of the reason I'm sympathetic toward these people is because I'm almost one of them. After blowing nearly $40 and filling a backpack with everything from Aretha Franklin to old 1960s garage rock compilations, I shouldn't be one to judge the obsessive behavior of others.
And this is obsessive behavior, without a doubt. What other way is there to explain the kinds of things people search for at conventions such as this?
"My personal genre that I'm searching for is Christian ventriloquist records," Time said. "Anything where people have a puppet and are singing evangelical songs, that's what I'm looking for."
Marc and his friennnnnnnd Shawn Mediaclast at the Museum of Unfine Art Posted by Hello

Response from "End of the Century"

To: jreichert@magpictures.com
Subject: When will the Ramones movie hit EugeneOR? Lotsa fans in this college town--when will it make it to the big Northwest? The Bijou in Downtown Eugene OR would be a great venue.
Marc Time

Working on it - probably November.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Junction City's Biggest Landmark Posted by Hello

Captain Kirk and Lester Roadhog Moran

I thought today's radio show went really well- I started with the Lester Roadhog Moran and his Cadillac Cowboys Radio show, a great comedy country music album by the Statler Bros. Then I followed up with the new William Shatner CD, some songs by cast members of the Star Trek shows; Hangover cure of the week; The Stolen Song Segment, where I showed how the Bonzo Dog Band stole "Kama Sutra" from Del Shannon; celebrity spotlight with Judy Garland singing"Purple People Eater"; and the Stoopid Record of the week.
A Jam packed show of Bad Music Thank You.
Lotsa Fun Today at the Eugene Celebration with Marilyn, Rachel and Shawn's Mom.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Fans in Iraq Posted by Hello

Johnny Ramone

And I was very sad about Johnny Ramones passing this week--hats off to Nathan of KWVA's Doppler Effect for the fun and well arranged 2 hour Ramones tribute.
We have to start lobbying to get the new Ramones movie"End of the Century" to play in Eugene. I have already contacted the folks at http://www.endofthecentury.com/ -check out this review:

Bopped into a special screening of End of the Century at CAA's Beverly Hills office, and I am still pining. The bittersweet Ramones documentary laid it all on the line: the good, the bad and the ugly truth of life in the rock-star fast lane. Along for the celluloid ride were guitarist Johnny Ramone, Nicolas Cage, Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt from Green Day; Tim Armstrong from Rancid and the Transplants; as well as Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. But the biggest stars in the house were the ghosts of Joey and Dee Dee Ramone. R.I.P. (Rock in peace).... And word to Clash lovers: End of the Century features Joe Strummer's final interview (R.I.P. once more).Los Angeles Times -->
The Reverend Marc Time Posted by Hello

My Radio Show

Listen to the Sunday Morning Hangover every sunday morning 8-10 AM PST on KWVA-FM 88.1 Eugene Oregon----available on the net at www.kwvaradio.org

My Friend Jerry

I once tried to organize a union at my workplace and got threatened verbally and physically by the workers there who hated unions. Management even tried to fire me a couple of times but my ILWU contact was Jerry ,who knew all of the legal ways for me to keep my job.
Jerry died last Wednesday.

Benicia Man Killed In Napa County Crash

By Bay City News Service
NAPA, CA - The Napa County Sheriff's Department has identified Jerome Martin, 57, of Benicia, as the man who died in a four-vehicle crash that closed Silverado Trail near Yountville for four hours Wednesday afternoon.

The California Highway Patrol said evidence of alcohol was found in Martin's 1994 Toyota pickup.
An autopsy is scheduled for this afternoon and toxicology test results will take a few weeks, said sheriff's Capt. Mike Loughran.
The CHP said Martin was driving the pickup at about 55 mph northbound on Silverado Trail north of Yountville Cross Road at around 3 p.m. when he drifted to the right and struck a metal guardrail.
The pickup then crossed over double yellow lines into the southbound lane of the highway and struck a southbound 1998 International Tractor trailer driven by Stephen Borchard, 42, of Middletown. Borchard was not hurt.
During that collision the left front wheel of the trailer detached and struck a 2000 Pontiac van driven by John Harmyk, 42, of Middletown. Harmyk was not hurt.
The CHP said the pickup then spun northbound out of control and hit the left side of a 1999 Chevrolet Ventura van driven by Luz Navarret, 40, of Napa. Her van collided with a guardrail on the west side of the road and she was taken as a precaution to Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa.
The Toyota pickup came to rest in the northbound lane of Silverado Trail.
CHP Officer Gerald Rico said Martin was pronounced dead at the scene at 3:10 p.m.

Jerry and I worked very closely to unionize a bunch of SF Bay Area messenger companies, with varying degrees of success.
I will miss the planning plotting and scheming in his office at the ILWU building.
If there is a heaven I know Jerry will be there.