Monday, October 18, 2004

Do You Want A Copy Of My Radio Show?

I always tape my shows and burn them to CD, so if you need a copy of a recent show here's the drill.
1) Send me 3 blank CDR's (not too expensive, get em from a friend or at Office Depot.)Boxes aren't necessary,but help.
2) My show runs almost 2 hours so I need 2 cds to send back to you, and 1 for my time and effort.
3) A self addressed stamped CD envelope or mailer (usually costs about $1.25 to mail), or equivilent in stamps.Send them to:
Sunday Morning Hangover
PO Box 3157
Eugene OR 97403
Give me a few weeks to burn them.Or you can drop them off at the station on the U of O campus and leave them in my mailbox--I can also leave them in my box for you to pick up.
Give me a call on the air sumtime(541-346-0645) and PLEASE send me a letter or postcard to the above address--it makes me look good.

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