Sunday, November 28, 2004

Shop at the Museum of Unfine Art!!!

Independent stores offer unconventional gift ideas
by Ryan Nyburg
Senior Pulse Reporter/Oregon Emerald
December 04, 2003:

Shawn Mediaclast -- owner and operator of the Museum of Unfine Art and Record Store, located at 537 Willamette St. -- is not available for magic but does offer a wide range of gift possibilities. One of these is a thermin, one of the earliest electronic instruments widely known for its use in 1950s science fiction film soundtracks. Mediaclast also suggests his humorous gift certificates and Tiny Tim's "Christmas Album" as possibilities.
The downtown Eugene store is part avant garde gallery and part eclectic record store. The store contains more than 100 ties, a child's tiger suit, Manic Panic hair dye, dusty records and cigarettes. Buttons that read "Old Fart" and "Reporters Tell Stories" lay behind the counter. An old telephone booth functions as a changing room to try on polka-dot shirts and puffy vests. The walls are galleries, filled with ever-changing pieces of art.

The subtitle of Mediaclast's business card reads, "Musique, Art & Fashion Concrete."

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