Sunday, December 31, 2006


20) The Scala Belgian Children's Chorus-"I Touch Myself"
Back again due to numerous requests.
19) Pastor John Rydgren-"Rinky Dink"
A catchy little number based on a song by Booker T and the MG's.
18) Frank Sinatra- "Monkey Gone To Heaven"
Actually a Frankie Black wannabee.
17) Joann Castle-"Tico Tico"
In honor of the Tico Tico marathon I ripped off from WFMU.
16) Fred Lane- "The French Toast Man"
Easily the grossest song of the year.
15) Buzz Martin-"That's When Something Breaks Down"
Local Logger cuts wood and many LP's
14) Judy Carne-"Sock It To Me!"
Another sexy oldie-it always generates a phone call from a listener.
13) The Foursome-"When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam"
I always loved songs with train whistles.
12) Antoine-"Popcorn"
The German Vocal version which actually sounds obscene.
11) Joe Perkins/Jimmie Riddle-"Little Eephin' Annie"
My favorite eephin song.
10) Connie Chung-"Thanks For the Memories"
She sang this on her final TV show this year draped over a piano. Poor Maury.
9) Jim of Seattle-"Welcome to Windows"
All of your computer's noises are transformed into a symphony.
8) George Bush/Harry Shearer-"Hard Work"
To remind us how hard it is to kill thousands of innocent men women and children.
7) Julie Andrews-"The Lonely Goatherd"
Better than Gwen Stefani's recent hit that ripped this song off.
6) Barracuda-"Put Your Ass Up In The Air"
Infectious and fragrant euro-disco.
5) The Ovulators-"Satellite of Love"
Hit from local girls' excellent debut CD.
4) Gnarls Barkley-"Crazy"
I wish all of this year's top 40 were this good.
3) John Denver-"Annie's Song"(Censored)
Courtesy of the mad geniuses at WFMU-FM-what happens when censorship runs amok.
2) Bank Of America -"One Card"
Two middle-aged managers destroy the U2 song and use it to promote B of A.
1) Neil Young- "Let's Impeach the President"
Song of the Year-Should have been a hit single.

Happy New Year!

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