Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prudence, Museum of Unfine Art Mascot and co-owner

Heck EVERYBODY knew Prudence ,who appeared from behind the counter at the Museum of Unfine Art and barked at you if you tried to leave.
And who could forget the Warhol/Prudence double birthday party and art show with endless depictions of "Campbell's Cream of Prudence" soup.

The following was posted by my good friend Shawn Mediaclast, curator of Eugene's Museum of Unfine Art.

Jan 24, 2008 4:52 PM
Subject: On behalf of Prudence May She Rest In Peace.
Body: My pug, and loyal friend, Prudence died today at around 4:55 AM today.

Lots of you knew her and I'm sure would agree that she was one of the sweetest furballs around. She lived a long love, fun, and cookie-filled life. She was 17. I knew I'd be upset when she passed and I wouldn't be the same person I am now if it hadn't been for her. She really was a loyal friend and was really there in tough times. It was really hard to see her go, but thankfully she passed without too much prolonged discomfort...There is a memorial for her at the Museum of Unfine Art.

Prudence will be missed by myself and many others. If I could have I would have thanked her for years of companionship and fun but I'm pretty sure she only understood a dozen or so phrases and words of English, but who knows, maybe she had a greater a sense of syntax than I realized. She was damn smart. And like my mom said, she really seemed to listen with intent to everything that was said.

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