Saturday, February 02, 2008

Celebrating 5 years of the Hangover

That's right- I have been on the air doing the Sunday Morning Hangover Radio Program for 5 years! AND I haven't made a dime!I must admit that although my audience has increased, I've won a couple of awards, and it has been a lot of fun, I DO get tired and bored.
I wish I had a bigger canvas to paint on.
Thank you to all that have wished me well and supported my show.

--excerpts from Islands in the Clickstream Telling Time by a Broken Clock By Richard Thieme :
"My machinery is wired to move pretty fast, and all my life people have told me - bless their hearts - to slow down. It always comes from people who move more slowly, never from those who are faster, so once in a while I reply, no, YOU speed up. But then they think I'm rude.

It's fashionable to equate being slow with being spiritual. There's something to that, but popular culture turned it into the Forrest Gump School of Wisdom, where life is never complex and wisdom is rules for the first day of kindergarten.

Fast and slow are relative. For some projects, cycles of a thousand years work best, for others, nanoseconds. Yes, we twitchers often find serenity when we take things down a notch, when we focus on something outside ourselves that induces a state of flow and short-circuits our habitual thinking. But it's also true that we relish those moments when our brains or bodies twitch like the fingers of a teen genius at a game of Quake, lost in light-speed heaven."

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