Sunday, February 24, 2008

Messages From Hangover Listeners

we love you at the eugene hotel!
my name is Lindsey and I'm the head chef at the Eugene hotel. when Anne quit, we all listened and cheered at your mention of our existence. I come in at 7:30 every morning to make breakfast for 100+ ungrateful octogenarians, and my servers are awesome, even if they'd rather be listening to top 40 and not the Hangover. For the past year and a half, we've tuned in. Thank you! You are wonderful!
I, head cook, am an adult with taste. One part of me feels for these young people, and one part relishes your choices. You keep us awake, alert, amused and happy. keep it up! I am a professional with a limited amount of time and an only occasionally functioning shift key. edit how you will, we love you. when your show is done, call the hotel and we'll fix you up with some awesome Eggs Benedict. I promise. You are great at filling the time during work where we're not hungover but still not quite sober.
Thank you.
Lindsey Eugene Hotel

Hi Reverend !
Better send this quick note before my short-term memory loss kicks in. I forgot about the show until we were en route to a brunch to celebrate our son's 29th b-day. The birthday selection was perfect.
The Pee-Wee and Sesame Street bits were quite nostalgic since we enjoyed them with our kids. The alien segments on SS were over-the-top hilarious. FYI Mark Zolun from the Iraila restaurant here in Eugene worked on several Pee Wee shows in the 80s.
Lastly, "Cave Man" brought back fond memories. The song was never a national hit but was played as an oldie in the early 60s while I was growing up in L.A. (ala KFWB). It followed Backus' hit of "Delicious" late in 1958.
I think I just blew a memory cell. Oh well, keep up the good work...................
Lloyd Zimmer(KRVM's "Sunday Swing Shift")

Hey Marc...
Love your show. I, being a native Wisconsinite, noticed you playing the classic "No, I don't wanna do dat" by the Manitowoc band Happy Schnapps Combo. I was curious if you had ever heard the most popular song in Wisconsin during deer hunting season, "Da Turty Point Buck".It is a true shining emblem of Wisconsin musical heritage.
Keep up the great work.

Hey There Marc,
Really enjoyed both your shows a couple of weeks ago with 'Poor Mans Whiskey' and the record party thing on Sunday. I think that would be a great format for a friday night show. On the bluegrass vein I got a video that weekend from the library called 'High Lonesome' which was kind of a history......alot about Bill Monroe. They featured one bluegrass band that I've always liked, 'Seldom Scene.' So, ever curious to see what you come up with each week......hope you hang in least till I leave the state. Your listening pal..

Dear Mr. Jumpin Johnnie Flash Doodle McGoo,
Anyways, it sure was a special treat to have a hangover for 4 whole hours on Sunday. My favorites from this week were Gwen McCrae, The Smurfs and Big Yellow Tomb. Any song with dead kids in it is ok by me! Down at the bakery we were all a little tired of Valentine's Day so a little carnage really hit the spot. Thanks for putting on such a swell show!
love Honey Pie Pants(Sweet Life)

Dear Reverend;
Just a short note to congratulate you on your 5th year!!! I may rarely call but I'm out there as a loyal listener. Thanks for the archiving; I hope to catch up on some missed shows . I thought I was the only one left with a copy of the Nutty Squirrels.
Lloyd Zimmer ("Sunday Swing Shift")
P.S. "Master Jack" the other month brought back fond memories when I was broadcasting on KDVS (Davis, Ca) during their first year on F.M. in 1968. UCD threw me out when my GPA went lower than their station's power....

Hey there!
A most enjoyable show this week....
I checked out the Roxy Music question and here's what I found. I'm
sure it'll cost a fortune.

hi marc,
love your radio show. you've motivated me to buy at least a couple of things in the past, (residents and julie christie). i was wondering if you could tell me who sang one of the last songs on your show this morning, "i love the way you smell" and if it doesn't take up too much time the name of the group who sang "imagine". i almost had to pull the car over when that came on! thanks!

I not only liked "Mr Lucky Goes Latin", I also
liked "Combo!"....except for the harpsichord.
We enjoy your show

Eric Carman Eartha Kitt "All By Myself" was based on Rachmaninoffs Piano
Concerto No.2 in C minor.
Bill Finneran

I'm not a fan of pop music,
which is why I enjoy your show, and others like it, so much. In fact I
hate pop music. I will agree the Beatles had a unique sound for their day,
just like Hank Williams and Buddy Holly, but the Beatles are in the pop
music camp and I just don't find it appealing. My wife is a big fan of
Frankie Laine and has an autographed copy of one of his CDs. When he died
recently not one major TV news show mentioned it. All we heard was a
segment on NPR. With a nation so obsessed with useless entertainers we
thought it was pretty sad that he would be overlooked like that.

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