Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bill Clinton in Junction City

Yeah I actually went to the Hitl..-I mean Hillary Clinton Rally! We arrived at 8:45 on time to a packed(not!) Junction City High School crowd of 500 diehard Hillary fans and old school Democrats.Hillary wasn't there.
I brought my folded up plastic Obama lawn sign(hidden in a pocket) but my wife wouldn't let me unfurl it.
It WAS groovy seeing a former pres,and midway through his speech 3 cheerleaders walked into the event and giggled and squeeled.
Bill was up there telling everybody about all the cool stuff Hillary was up to and only dissed McCain once or twice.The word "outspent" was used a lot.
And he was talking about Obama. This coming from a political machine that was spending money for this campaign three years ago.
I'm still voting for Obama if you haven't guessed.

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