Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Fan Mail

Hi Marc,

Another great show last Sunday........who would have thought we shared a fondness for yodeling as well. I have forever been wondering what the name of the song is that I first heard in 'Raising Arizona' and there it was 'Way Out There' by The Sons of the Pioneers (who, by the way, I have an autographed picture of when I saw them at the Mid State fair here in Paso many years ago.) Another all time country classic favorite is Eddie Arnolds 'Cattlecall.' Not to mention the whole polka tie in......I have a cassette of a 'Prairie Home Companion' show that I made a long while back that was all polka at some famous ballroom in Minnesota the size of 3 football fields. There are some incredible, spine tingling yodeling songs going on there and I'll try to make a copy for you, or just send it to you if you're interested. Rage on dude.......

Rev. Marc,
One of my first purchased Kinx albums was 'Everybody's in Showbiz!' As
I kept buying up a storm of Kinks albums, having been smitten, I noted
that 'EiS' was the first album in a long while not to be a 5-star
studio (and only ten new songs) effort, while it remains to this day my
fave live album (the other disc). Even more than the poignant
'Celluloid Heroes' I love 'Unreal Reality' and 'Sitting in my Hotel.'
"Prancing round the room like some outrageous poove" dressed up in his
bow-tie! Remember the movie 'Paper Chase' where one law student,
Brooks, yells at Ford in their study circle - "Who do you think you
are? King Bow-tie Shit?!!!" I can see Ray waltzing agilely in the room,
wearing that bow-tie (and maybe nothing else?), like the closet
straight he is, playing at being prissy gay.
You do know that Ray wrote most of the lyrics to 'Celluloid Heroes'
while walking along Hollywood Blvd looking at all those celebrity names
and hand-prints in the cement, then returned to the hotel to write the
music to the words! One of those spontaneous creative moments.
The Kinks were sloshed, at least Ray & Dave, when they did that live
show in NYC. Ray burpily switched his words a few times, e.g. "But he
messed up his wife, and he beat up his life (which can fit that way as
well!). In 1972, Ray almost quit rock n roll, it was such a drunken
down phase of his life, plus his wife, Rasa, walked out on him! On his
birthday no less (June 21st). A most trying year. But of course, he
rallied to produce what I call his greatest moment - 'Preservation,'
30-song musicale extraordinaire! Masterful concept album. Rock opera.
Far better than 'Quadrophenia,' I care not what anyone says.
You might notice on the live disc some guy with a North Jersey accent
yells from the audience "Ray Davies for President!" I love that. It's
barely audible but you can pick it up, as 'Brainwashed' concludes.
Roger Miller. A string of Sixties hits, then no more. "Chug-a-Lug" was
great. Had a style I loved.
Thanks for playing that snippet of 'EiS.' Nice show as usual. ~Paul Rey.
ps- hope my Kinkoid Kapsules aren't boring you! I CAN talk about other bands.

Hey Marc,

I was just listening to the Lynch show you did a few months back. I also got
hold of the audio book and really enjoyed it. Lynch is also one of my
favourite directors / artists and I have seen pretty much all his stuff
except the Short Films which I may buy on DVD. I have also dabbled with TM
and although I fell out of the routine really valued it...I really should go
back to it!! Fave Lynch film - Erazer Head (though having just become a dad
I'm not sure I could watch it!, Straight Story - a true masterpeiece which
never fails to move me, Twin Peaks series - I loved watching it at the time,
it was my introduction to his world. That's another thing on my DVD wish
list.Anyway cool show!

Nic Treadwell

Hi Marc... or do you go by Reverend Marc? :)

I'd love to visit your show sometime! Thank you so much for the invitation :) As of now, April 19th is available, and May 3rd... probably other dates in May as well, but if either of those dates already listed might work, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll check about later dates in May, too.
I look forward to hearing from you and being a guest on your show :)
Hope you have a great start to your week!
Best Wishes,

Halie Loren
www. halieloren. Com

The Tico Tico program may be one of your best ever!!! I am loving it. My favorite programs are always the most twisted ones.
Was the version with the harpsichord on speed Ferrante and Teicher?

thanks for airing us, reverend. god bless you. you'll be rewarded...although, you'll have to wait before you get your kick back.
don't store up your treasures on earth, where thieves steal and moths up your treasures in heaven...
seriously though, thanks a bunch.

A from Trio Gadjo

Rock on, Marc!
I love "Go All the Way"--
it was my favorite song in the 3rd grade!
Brings back memories...

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