Sunday, June 07, 2009

Just Another Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist 6/7/09

Current mood: weird

Kung Fu-Intro-with David Carradine
Clebanoff and his Orchestra-Strings Afire
Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack-Truly and Utterly Bill
Koko Taylor-Jump for Joy
Louis Prima-Music Goes Round and Round
Val Jean-Music from “Ben Casey”
Topol-If I Were A Rich Man from “Fiddler on the Roof”
Ferrante and Teicher-Side Saddle
Iggy Pop-Les Feurilles Mortes
Iggy Pop-How Insensitive
Julee Cruise-You’re Staring at Me (bleeped)
Richard Cheese-Creep (bleeped)
Horace Silver-Song for my Father
Peter and the Wolf-Intro, Peter’sTheme, Bird and Peter-
Featuring Vivian Stanshall, Brian Eno
Gary Moore, and Brand X
Lou Reed –Street Hassle (bleeped)
Edwin Starr-25 Miles
Mantovani-Big Country
Cotton Jones-Midnight,. Monday, and a Telescope
Eric Weisburg-Dueling Banjos
Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers-Mocking Banjo
Martin Mull-Dueling Tubas
Marc Time readsThe Joe Meek Story
Inyo Co.Dept of Museum Music Box Recordings-Private Tom Atkins
Children’s Birthday Singalong record
Shangrilas-Gift Receiving (Good Manners Tips)
The Prisoner-Theme to the TV show
Mad Men- Theme to the TV Show
Swingin Medallions-Double Shot
Magic Key to Colorful Conversations LP
James Brown-Love Don’t Love Nobody
Mitch Miller-Sabrina
Halie Loren-Blue Skies
Elvis Presley-Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
Neko Case-Hold On Hold On
Ferrante and Teicher-Prairie Blues
Cotton Jones-Gone the Bells (alternate version

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