Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I haven't checked in here for awhile. This spring I applied for a St Vincent de Paul Rehab loan. This loan is for up to 25K of home improvement,no interest,no payments till the house sells.
So today I signed off on all the work that was done this summer:new heatpump/AC ,roof work new windows doors insulation new electrical ,bathroom ,paint,gutters,garage,the works. I tore down the chimney and created an open second floor space in the attic. I worked on the bathroom,and floors Oh Yes new wood floors!
So my house in Junction City looks beautiful and it'll be real toasty this winter.
I started census work again,you may recall I did census in the spring, but this one will be much shorer.
And it looks like I will have a part time job at St Vinnies RHHB office,helping people get Rehab loans. Stay tuned.
Hoping I at least make #3 on the EW readers poll. If not it won't matter,I think I am doing interesting and funny radio.Record Convention at KWVA Erb Nov 7 at noon-I'll be there selling CDs 45s LPs and tapes.
Still looking for full time work with benefits-mine run out in Jan.
I really appreciate all my friends here,on FB,on KWVA ,at the census,and at the Museum,near and far

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