Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three Hour Hangover Playlist for 9/27/09

Beck-Sunday Morning
Fleetwood Mac-Albatross
Beatles-Sun King
Scott Fields-Ghost Trio
Vienna Boys Choir-Message In a bottle
Gene Bianco-September Song
Scala Children’s Chorus-Bittersweet Symphony
Miles Davis-Solea
Aceylone+RJD2-A Beautiful Mine (Theme to Mad Men)
Chantel Kreviazuk-Leaving on a Jet Plane
Nouvelle Vague-Too Drunk to F#*K(censored)
Ann Cole-Don’t Stop the Wedding
Bob Shimusu-Signal Strength
Bob Dylan-Copper Kettle
John Phillips-Mississippi
TV Theme-One Day at a Time
Spike Jones-Puff the Magic Dragon
T.C.Jones-Champagne Cocktail
Jim Backus-Delicious
Bing Day-Mother’s Place from 7_
Bonzo Dog Band-My Pink Half of the Drainpipe
Val Jean-Bird Mash
Troggs-Good Vibrations
Ben Dowling-Spirit Dance
Zoe and the Stormies-Let’s Shake Baby
Dani-H Come Hippie]
ZhangXiao Yun and Lin DeChuan-I Should Have Known Better
Paleto-Think of One
Talking Heads (1975)-Warning Sign
Captain Sensible-Geoff Loosens His Tie
The Postmarks-Lucky Charm
Ernie Djohan and her Buana Suara-To Sir with Love
Yard Sale-Out of Time
Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
King Curtis Combo-Arthur Murray Twist
Mel Torme-Secret Agent Man
Small Faces-You Need Loving
101 Strings Orchestra-Karma Sitar’
Union Avenue-I Shot the Sheriff
Festus-Talks About Teenage Music and Dances
Valentinos-It’s Al Over Now
Rutles-I Must Be In Love
Elvis Costello-Days
Leon Russell-Out in The Woods
Earle Dowd Sounds Funny-What’ll ya Have?
Red Peters-I Can’t Say These Things
Howard Beale from “Network”-I’m Mad as Hell
Greyhound-Unchained Melody
Adolf Noise-We Are the World
Conchita Velasco-Le Chick Ye Ye
Herve Villachez-Why Do We Have to Fight?
Nina and Mike-In the Year 2525(German)
Linda Laurie-Ambrose pt 5
Big Fish Ensemble-I Am Woman
Chiemi Eri-Rock Around the Clock
Laurie Biagini-Rockin My World like You Only Know How
Sally Shapiro-Looking at the Stars

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