Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Number 2!!!

Marc Time SECOND Best radio show in Eugene -I'll take that !

Best of Eugene 2009-2010
Best radio show or radio DJ:1.The Donkey Show 2. The Sunday Morning Hangover with the Rev. Marc Time (KWVA 88.1 FM)Eugene Weekly : Best of Eugene : 2009-2010
Sunday Morning Hangover with Rev. Marc Time KWVA 88.1 Sundays at 10 AM

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Curtain Call Halloween Hangover Show 10/25/09

Frank Sinatra-Here’s to the Losers
Eels-I’m a Loser
Halie Loren –Autumn Leaves
The Damned –Curtain Call
Vic Mizzy-The Addams Family Theme
Vic Mizzy-excerpt from “The Busy Body”
Vic Mizzy-Green Acres Theme
Soupy Sales-My Baby has a Crush on Frankenstein
The Who-Boris the Spider
Elizabeth Claire Prophet-Invocation
Irmin Schmidt-You Make Me Nervous
Paul Anka-Eyes Without a Face
Ergo Phizmiz-Music for an Underground Circus
Beach Boys-I Went To Sleep
Zoltan Fortune #18
Soupy Sales-Because of Blacktooth
Soupy Sales-White Fang You’re a Mean Dog
Betty Johnson-The Little Blue Man
Handsome Hank and the Lonesome Boys-Black Hole Sun
Lorne Greene-End of Track
The Spokesmen-The Dawn of Correction
Mad Men Theme
Firsign Theatre-Mark Time Theme
Bang Boys-When Lulu’s Gone
The Clique-Sugar on Sunday
Shel Silverstein-I Got Stoned and I Missed It
Dave and Ansel Collins-Double Barrel
Don Drummond-University Goes Ska
Ted Cassidy-Hey Lurch
Deadwood-Smells Like Monster Mash
Sonics-The Witch
Doors-Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor
ZZ Top-Planet of Women
Can- Spoon
Shaggs-It’s Halloween
Los Rios-Yeah!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've been Nominated in the Reader's Poll!!!

Thank You for nominating the Hangover as Best Radio Show in the Eugene Weekly Poll! If you missed Sunday's program it is available at

Hot Dog Hangover Sunday 10/18/09

Electric Light Orchestra-Eldorado instrumental Medley
Dean Martin-Intro/Medley (live at the Sands)
Sammy Davis Jr.-Hey There/banter with Sinatra(live at Villa Venice)
Sinatra/Martin /Davis JR-Monologue/Medley (live at Villa Venice)
Sammy Davis Jr-Here’s That Rainy Day
Frank Sinatra-One for my Baby
Al Martino-I Have but One Heart
William Shatner-The Lady is a Tramp
Julie London-Mickey Mouse March
American Standard-My Bathroom
Bebel Gilberto- Sun is Shining
DEVO-Mongoloid Muzak
True Margrit-Opposite Man
True Margrit-Interview
True Margrit-Syllable
Halie Loren-Blue Skies
Soul Messin-Goose it Up
Blue Cheer –Summertime Blues
Firesign Theatre-The Golden Hind
Fleetwood Mac-Anti Drug PSA
Fleetwood Mac-Farmer’s Daughter
Tortura-Sounds of Torture
Neil Diamond Flexi Disc-You Got to Me (Hip Pocket Records)
Randy Newman-Last Night I Had a Dream (45 version)
Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood-I Have no Home
Shaggs-It’s Halloween
Korla Pandit-Nautch Dance
Lon Cheney JR-Spider Baby
Rob Zombie –I’m Your Boogie Man

This show and many others available at

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skatin in Church Hangover with guest DJ Fuego 10/11/09

Beck-Sunday Morning
Firesign Theater-A Mighty Hot Dog is Our Lord
Halie Loren-Autumn Leaves
Sandpipers(Andy Kaufman)- Mighty Mouse Theme
Miles Davis-The Maids of Caliz
Julie London-This October
Michael Magne-Perfida
Claudine Longet and Andy Williams-A Man and a Woman
Bob Dylan-All the Wild Horses
George McRae-Rock Your Baby(LP version)
The Residents-Constantinople
The Four Lads-Istanbul
Boris and Natasha-The No-Goodnik Song
Vincent Fiorino-When Yuba plays the Tuba
The Rock Busters-Tough Chick
Lydia Lunch-Spooky
Red Peters-Come Stains
Harry Nilsson-You’re Breaking My Heart So (forget) You
Kinks-Autumn Almanac
Les Baxter-Talking Drums
Evolution Control Committee-Rocked By Rape
Lol Coxhill/Beatles-I Am the Walrus
Ronnie Cook and the Gaylords-Goo Goo Muck
Paul McCartney-Singalong Junk
Fleetwood Mac-Anti-Drug Message
Postmarks-Lucky Charm
Booker T and the MG’s-Hip Hug Her
Strawberry Alarm Clock-Tomorrow
Lemon Pipers-Green Tambourine
Eric Burdon-San Francisco Nights
True Margrit-Opposite Man

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Breakfast In Bed Hangover Playlist Oct 4 2009

Scala Children’s Chorus-Underneath it All
Firesign Theatre-Back from the Shadows Again
Bob Dylan-If Dogs Run Free
Matt Wilson Quartet-Gettin’ Friendly
Ferrante and Teicher-Things to Come at Sea
Ferrante and Teicher-Brazil
Ferrante and Teicher-Hurdy Gurdy
Ferrante and Teicher-That Old Black Magic
Miles Davis-The Maids of Cadiz
Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
Sam the Eagle(Muppets)-Nudity
5 Blobs(Bacharach)-The Blob
Turtles- She’s My Girl
Cotton Jones Basket Ride-White Clouds in the Afternoon
Barry Adamson-Something Wicked This Way Comes
Classics 4-Spooky
Count Basie-Blues on Mack Ave
Les Baxter-Reverberasia
Bruce Haack-The Ghost With the Most
Bernard Herrmann-Shower Scene from Psycho
Cramps-Teenage Werewolf
Soul Messin-This Girl
Imogen Heap-Between Sheets
Madonna-Ray of Light
John Pattituci Trio-Messaiens Gumbo
The Troggs-Gonna Make You
Paul Revere and the Raiders-Like Long Hair
Pink Faeries-Taking LSD
Bonzo Dog Band-We Are Normal
Preaching Puppets-Lil Mike at the Seashore
Roxy Music Amazona
Christian McBride-Used ta Could
Fisher and Marks-Sunday
Premiers-Don’t You Just Know It
Pipkins-Gimme Dat Ding
Nutty Squirrels-Bob White
5th Dimension-Up Up and Away
Conchita Velasco-La Chick Ye Ye
The High Hopes-Traveling Band
Ideal Bread-Trickles
William Shatner-I Am a Canadian
True Margrit-50,000 Names