Sunday, October 04, 2009

Breakfast In Bed Hangover Playlist Oct 4 2009

Scala Children’s Chorus-Underneath it All
Firesign Theatre-Back from the Shadows Again
Bob Dylan-If Dogs Run Free
Matt Wilson Quartet-Gettin’ Friendly
Ferrante and Teicher-Things to Come at Sea
Ferrante and Teicher-Brazil
Ferrante and Teicher-Hurdy Gurdy
Ferrante and Teicher-That Old Black Magic
Miles Davis-The Maids of Cadiz
Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
Sam the Eagle(Muppets)-Nudity
5 Blobs(Bacharach)-The Blob
Turtles- She’s My Girl
Cotton Jones Basket Ride-White Clouds in the Afternoon
Barry Adamson-Something Wicked This Way Comes
Classics 4-Spooky
Count Basie-Blues on Mack Ave
Les Baxter-Reverberasia
Bruce Haack-The Ghost With the Most
Bernard Herrmann-Shower Scene from Psycho
Cramps-Teenage Werewolf
Soul Messin-This Girl
Imogen Heap-Between Sheets
Madonna-Ray of Light
John Pattituci Trio-Messaiens Gumbo
The Troggs-Gonna Make You
Paul Revere and the Raiders-Like Long Hair
Pink Faeries-Taking LSD
Bonzo Dog Band-We Are Normal
Preaching Puppets-Lil Mike at the Seashore
Roxy Music Amazona
Christian McBride-Used ta Could
Fisher and Marks-Sunday
Premiers-Don’t You Just Know It
Pipkins-Gimme Dat Ding
Nutty Squirrels-Bob White
5th Dimension-Up Up and Away
Conchita Velasco-La Chick Ye Ye
The High Hopes-Traveling Band
Ideal Bread-Trickles
William Shatner-I Am a Canadian
True Margrit-50,000 Names

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