Sunday, October 25, 2009

Curtain Call Halloween Hangover Show 10/25/09

Frank Sinatra-Here’s to the Losers
Eels-I’m a Loser
Halie Loren –Autumn Leaves
The Damned –Curtain Call
Vic Mizzy-The Addams Family Theme
Vic Mizzy-excerpt from “The Busy Body”
Vic Mizzy-Green Acres Theme
Soupy Sales-My Baby has a Crush on Frankenstein
The Who-Boris the Spider
Elizabeth Claire Prophet-Invocation
Irmin Schmidt-You Make Me Nervous
Paul Anka-Eyes Without a Face
Ergo Phizmiz-Music for an Underground Circus
Beach Boys-I Went To Sleep
Zoltan Fortune #18
Soupy Sales-Because of Blacktooth
Soupy Sales-White Fang You’re a Mean Dog
Betty Johnson-The Little Blue Man
Handsome Hank and the Lonesome Boys-Black Hole Sun
Lorne Greene-End of Track
The Spokesmen-The Dawn of Correction
Mad Men Theme
Firsign Theatre-Mark Time Theme
Bang Boys-When Lulu’s Gone
The Clique-Sugar on Sunday
Shel Silverstein-I Got Stoned and I Missed It
Dave and Ansel Collins-Double Barrel
Don Drummond-University Goes Ska
Ted Cassidy-Hey Lurch
Deadwood-Smells Like Monster Mash
Sonics-The Witch
Doors-Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor
ZZ Top-Planet of Women
Can- Spoon
Shaggs-It’s Halloween
Los Rios-Yeah!

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