Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Dog Hangover Sunday 10/18/09

Electric Light Orchestra-Eldorado instrumental Medley
Dean Martin-Intro/Medley (live at the Sands)
Sammy Davis Jr.-Hey There/banter with Sinatra(live at Villa Venice)
Sinatra/Martin /Davis JR-Monologue/Medley (live at Villa Venice)
Sammy Davis Jr-Here’s That Rainy Day
Frank Sinatra-One for my Baby
Al Martino-I Have but One Heart
William Shatner-The Lady is a Tramp
Julie London-Mickey Mouse March
American Standard-My Bathroom
Bebel Gilberto- Sun is Shining
DEVO-Mongoloid Muzak
True Margrit-Opposite Man
True Margrit-Interview
True Margrit-Syllable
Halie Loren-Blue Skies
Soul Messin-Goose it Up
Blue Cheer –Summertime Blues
Firesign Theatre-The Golden Hind
Fleetwood Mac-Anti Drug PSA
Fleetwood Mac-Farmer’s Daughter
Tortura-Sounds of Torture
Neil Diamond Flexi Disc-You Got to Me (Hip Pocket Records)
Randy Newman-Last Night I Had a Dream (45 version)
Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood-I Have no Home
Shaggs-It’s Halloween
Korla Pandit-Nautch Dance
Lon Cheney JR-Spider Baby
Rob Zombie –I’m Your Boogie Man

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