Sunday, November 29, 2009

Idiotically I Still Miss You Hangover 11/29/09

Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek
Imogen Heap- Swoon
Anne Drummond-Frevo
Kate Havnevik-Halo
Fleetwood Mac-Thoughts on a Grey Day
Anna Ternheim-Shoreline
Claudine Longet-Think of Rain
Simone White-The Beep Beep Song
Waitiki-Mood Indigo
Nick Drake-Northern Sky
Page France-Windy Days
Cotton Jones-Don't Got a Lotta Time
Goldfrapp-Lovely Head(instru) Miss World Mix
Yard Sale-Smile
Jenn Grant-You'll Go Far
Francis Lai-Snow Frolic from Love Story
XTC-Dear God
Dawn Landes-Lifeline(Nilsson)
Mood Area 52-Andatino Canzona
Scala Children's Chorus-Bittersweet Symphony
Bebel Gilberto-Forever
Honey Vizer-Idiotically I Still Miss You
William Shatner/Aimee Mann-That's Me Trying
Spanky and Our Gang-Lazy Day
Asobi Seksu-Thursday
Weezer-I Don't Want to Let You Go
Busters All Stars-Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Voicedude-Imagine Yourself a Merry Christmas
Mr. Peabody and Poindexter-Ponce de Leon
Andre Williams-Please Pass the Biscuits
Billy Clark -Hot Gravy
Mood Area 52-Mean Girls
Bonzo Dog Band-Mr. Apollo(german)
Leo deLyon-Sick Manny's Gym
Lorne Greene-The Man

Sunday, November 22, 2009

JFK Murder 46 Years Later/ 45’s “R” Collection Hangover11/22/09

Listen Here:
The JFK Singers-Let Us Begin Anew
The Fateful Hours (KLIF-Dallas TX)-Radio Bulletin
Lou Reed-The Day John Kennedy Died
The Fateful Hours-The President is Dead
Steinski-The Motorcade Sped On
Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil
Bob Coltman/.Joe Boussard-The Death of Kennedy
Fateful Hours-The Murder of Oswald
Byrds-He Was a Friend of Mine
Rush To Judgement OST-Orville Nix on the FBI editing his film of the Assassination
Mom Mabley-Abraham Martin and John
Fateful Hours-Jack Ruby’s sister interviewed
Rush to Judgement OST-Penn Jones on dead witnesses
Buddy Starcher-History Repeats Itself

Rumblers-Boss Strikes Again
Routers-Snap Crackle and Pop
Routers-Let’s Go
Roxy Music-Pjamarama
Ramones-I Don’t Care
Rezillos-Top of the Pops
Harvey Russell-Shake Sherry
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-Going to a Go Go
Freddie Robinson-Go Go Girl
Rockin’ Rebels-Wild Weekend
Riviera-California Sun
Eddie Rambeau-My Name is Mud
Eddie Rambeau-Concrete and Clay
Rivingtons-Papa Ooh Mow Mow
Rivingtons-The Bird is the Word
Rivingtons-Mama Ooh Mow Mow
Rutles-I Must be in Love
Rubinoos-I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Raspberries- Go All the Way
Jonathan Richman and Modern Lovers-Government Center
Paul Revere and the Raiders-Steppin Out
David Rose-The Stripper
Ronnie and the Daytonas-Bucket T
Rolling Stones-Paint it Black
Ronettes-Walking in the Rain

Sunday, November 15, 2009

America Recycles Day/ Craig Torso Show Hangover 11/15/09

Thanks to MECCA for Recycling their records by donating them to my radio show. The meat of the show was recycled vinyl.November 15 is America Recycles Day!

Harry Belafonte-Day o
Arthur Lyman-How High the Moon
Bonzo Dog Band-The Craig Torso Show
Ramsey Lewis-To Know Her is to love Her
Top Cat –Robin Hood Pt 1
Roy Orbison – Shahdaroba
Lawrence Welk-In Crowd
Liza Minnelli (with Randy Newman)-The Debutante’s Ball
Harry Nillson(with Randy Newman)-Living Without You
Pax Nichols-You
Four Freshman and Five Trombones-Angel Eyes
Anne Drummond –Frevo
Everly Brothers –Temptation
Mamas and Papas-12: 30
Hangover Cure
Mike Drubbo-Repercussion
Caterina Valente-Maleguena
Jan August-Volare
Hugo Montenegro-Andaluza
John Coltrane-Avalon
Lawrence Welk-One Toke Over the Line
Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed-MacArthur Park
Dionne Warwick-Windows of the World
Claudine Longet-Wanderlove
Q’d Up-Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Pt 8
The Prisoner –(1968) -Main Title and Theme
Andre Kostalanez-Help!
Topo D. Bil (with Bonzos)-Witchi Tai Tao
Tony Foster-Take the A Train
Robert Merrill (Paint Your Wagon)-They Call the Wind Maria
Ahmad Jamal-Surrey with the Fringe on Top
Otis Redding-I Can’t Turn You Loose (especially scratchy edition)
Gene Krupa _Galloping Comedians
Statler Dance Orchestra-Blue Tango
The Peace Ringers-Syncopated Clock
Pedro and his Amigos-Glow Worm
Lush Strings-Red River Valley
Polly Bergen-Broken Hearted
Lionel Hampton-Out of Breath
Living Strings-My Little Grass Shack (LP at 45 rpm)
Lawrence Welk-La Bamba (LP at 45 rpm)
Mills Brothers-Right Smack Dab in the Middle (LP at 45 rpm)
101 Strings-La Cucaracha (LP at 45 rpm)
Jimmy Durante-Smile- (LP at 45 rpm)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

CD Roulette/Halie Loren Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist for 11/8/09

Tiki 2 -Caravan
Larry Vincent and the Lookout Boys-Freckles
Mike Dirubbo-Lunar
Clarence "Frogman" Henry-I Found a Home
The Cuff Links-All the Young Women
Don Eddings-Chappaquidick Bridge
Ramsey Lewis-To Know Her is to Love Her
Doris Day/Frankie Laine-Sugarbush
Roger Whiteaker-Indian Whistler
Barbara-Le Mal de Vivre
Jimmy Carpenter-Sinner Street
Cotton Jones-Always Feeling
Anton LeVay-Honolulu Baby
Breeders-Fortunately Gone (John Peel Session)
Cowsills-Can't Measure the Cost of a Woman's Love
Elizabeth-God Save the Sex Pistols
Sam the Sham-Haunted House
Q'd Up-Dark City Streets
Fess Parker-Ballad of Davy Crockett
Oldsmobility-Gotta Get a Car
Halie Loren- Interview
-As Time Goes By CD version)
-Autumn Leaves (Live vocal)
- Do What You Love (Live vocal)
-Blue Holiday (Live Vocal)
-Why Don't You Do Right (Barbara Lush track, Live vocal)
-Possession (Sara Maclaughlin track, Live Vocal)
-River (CD version)
-Back in Baby's Arms (Patsy Cline track, live vocal)
-End of the World (Skeeter Davis Track, Vocal Live on Chorus)
-Girl From Ipanema (Astrud Gilberto Track, Live Vocal)
-Samson (Regina Spektor track, with Halie vocal recorded at KWVA 4/19/09

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Too Much Candy Hangover 11/01/09

Isaac Hayes- Walk on By (LP version)
Mr. (Fred) Rogers-Good Morning
Ed Sullivan-Interview with Steppenwolf
The Fugs-I Couldn’t Get High
Soupy Sales-Pachalafaka
The Musical Betts-I’d Rather Have Jesus
Andy (Thunderclap) Newman-Water Music
Big Fella- Mr. Blue Sky
Edwin Hawkins Singers-Oh Happy Day
Artie Shaw-How Dry I Am
Pioneers-Rivers of Babylon
Laugh-In-Cocktail Party
The Rockbusters-Tough Chick
Julee Cruise-Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
Harry Nilsson w/Ken Nordine) –You’re Breaking My Heart, You Tear It Apart so (Forget) You
Monkees-Pleasant Valley Sunday (backing track)
Gomer Pyle-Gomer Says Hey
Live Phone Interview with New Zealander Craig Lev
Mike DirRubbo-The Duke
Jimmy Soul-If You Wana Be Happy
Mickey and Sylvia- Mommy Out de Light
Brian Bromberg-Excuse Me
Hall and Oates-One on One
Frank O’Hara –(Dust) Poem from Meditations in an Emergency
Roy Orbison-In Dreams
Les Baxter and Muzzy Marcellino-Theme to Lassie
Lorne Greene-End of Track
Susan Christie-Yesterday Where is My Mind?
Firesign Theatre-Adventures of Porgy Tirebiter
Louie Prima Barnacle Bill the Sailor
Irving Aaronson and His Commanders-Waffles
Ken Nordine-Flesh
Nashville Teens-Tobacco Road
Al Green-Here I Am (Come and Take Me)