Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Morning Hangover KWVA 88.1 05/11/2010 8AM

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08:03AM Simone White “Beep Beep Song” from Beep Beep Song (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

08:06AM Honey Vizer “House of Gold (Hank Williams Cover)” from Live on the Hangover (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk) on Marc Time (http://www.sundaymorninghangover.blogspot.com, revmarctime@gmail.com, JC)

08:09AM Kinks “20th Century Man” from Muswell Hillbillies (CD, Album, Private) on RCA (US)

08:12AM Hans Eichinger “Temporal Foot Tap Issues” from Live on the Hangover (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk) on Marc Time Records Local

08:15AM Ken Curtis “Festus Talks About Girls” from Festus Sings & Talks About Dodge City (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk, added 05/11/2010) New

08:18AM Dezurik Sisters “My Horses Ain't Hungry” from Radio Broadcasts (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

08:21AM Kevin Ayers “Lullaby” from Whatevershebringswesing (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk) on Harvest (UK)

08:24AM Tim Hardin “If I Were a Carpenter” from Homecoming Concert (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

08:27AM Nick Drake “One of These Things First” from Bryter Layter (Remastered) (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

08:30AM Caravan “In the Land of Grey and Pink” from In the Land of Grey and Pink (CD, Album, Private)

08:33AM Beach Boys “Diamond Head” from Friends (CD, Album, Private)

08:36AM Steve Almaas and Ali Smith “The Lonely Sea” from In My Room (CD, Comp, Private)

08:39AM Beach Boys “I Went To Sleep” from 20/20 (CD, Album, Private)

08:42AM Bebel Gilberto “Forever” from All in One (CD, Album, World)

08:45AM Syd Barrett “Golden Hair” from The Madcap Laughs (CD, Album)

08:48AM Beach Boys “The Nearest Faraway Place” from 20/20 (CD, Album, Private)

08:51AM Imogen Heap “Between Sheets” from Ellipse (CD, Album, Private)

08:54AM Imogen Heap “First Train Home (Instrumental)” from Ellipse (bonus) (CD, Album, Private)

08:57AM Arkestra One “I Really Want You” from Mondo Deuce (CD, Album)

09:00AM Bird and Bee “Kiss is On my List” from Play Hall and Oates (CD, Album, Other, added 05/11/2010) New

09:03AM Captain Sensible “Brenda” from Women and Captains First (CD, Album, Private)

09:06AM Goldfrapp “Hunt” from Hunt (CD, Album, RPM/Electronic, added 05/01/2010) New

09:09AM Sounds of Liberation “Happt Tuesday” from Happt Tuesday (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 05/11/2010) New

09:12AM Jacky “White Horses” from White Horses (CD, Comp, Private)

09:15AM Margo Guryan “Spanky and Our Gang” from Spanky and Our Gang (CD, Comp, Private)

09:18AM Beatles “Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (backing track)” from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (backing track) (CD, Album, Private)

09:21AM The Who “A Quick One While He's Away” from A Quick One (CD, Album, Private)

09:24AM The Who “Shakin All Over” from Live at Leeds (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal)

09:27AM Adam and the Ants “Car Trouble” from Best (CD, Album, Private)

09:30AM The Jars “Jar Wars” from Time of the Assassins - Single (Vinyl, Single, LoudRock/Metal)

09:33AM Matthew Sweet/Suzanna Hoffs “Here Comes My Girl” from A Salute to Tom Petty (CD, Album, Private)

09:36AM Martin Denny “March of the Siamese Children” from Live (CD, Album, World)

09:39AM Röyksopp “Vision One” from Junior (CD, Album, Private)

09:51AM Imogen Heap “Swoon” from Ellippse (CD, Album, Private)

09:54AM Goldfrapp “Rocket” from Voice Thing (Rotation, Album, Private, added 05/11/2010) New

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