Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Hangover "Lite" 6/12/11

Listen HERE:
10:00AM Robert Wyatt “Sea Song” from Rock Bottom (1974) on Domino Records (,, USA)

10:03AM XTC “Chalkhills and Children” from Oranges and Lemons (CD, Album, 1989) on Geffen Records

10:06AM Arthur Lyman “Love Dance ” from Taboo 2 [Digitally Remastered] (Re-mastered) (2008) on Essential Media Group

10:09AM The Four Freshmen “Graduation Day” from Doo Wop Dance Classics Vol 6 (2009) on Classic Records

10:12AM Duncan Browne “Ninepence Worth of Walking (Original)” from Give Me Take You (Laptop, Album, Private, 1968) on Castle (UK)

10:15AM Brian Wilson “One For the Boys” from Brian Wilson

10:18AM Simon & Garfunkel “AMERICA” from Bookends (CD, Album, Private, 1995) on Columbia (, USA)

10:21AM Bon Iver “Calgary” from Bon Iver, Bon Iver (Rotation, added 06/03/2011)

10:24AM Anna Ternheim “Shoreline” from Somebody Outside (2004) on Universal Music AB

10:27AM Angelo Badalamenti “Starnight” from The Beach (OST)

10:30AM Bread “It Don'T Matter to Me” from Anthology of Bread (1985) on Rhino (, USA)

10:33AM Todd Rundgren “Hello It's Me” from Something/Anything? (Album, Private, 1972) on Bearsville

10:36AM James Blake “The Wilhelm Scream” from Live (Jools Holland Show)

10:39AM Arthur Lyman “Return To Paradise” from Taboo 2 - New Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman (Vinyl, Album, World, 1998) on Life (Hawaii)

10:42AM Beach Boys “Cool Cool Water” from Sunflower (CD, Comp, Private)

11:00AM Velvet underground “COOL IT DOWN” from Loaded (CD, Album, Private, 1970) on Cottilion

11:03AM Dean Milano “Do It Like a Dog” from Songs About Stuff (2006) on Kira Records

11:06AM Eddy Haywood “Soft Summer Breeze” from Greatest Hits

11:09AM Bob Dylan “If Dogs Run Free” from New Morning (mp3player/iPod, Album, 1970) on Columbia/Legacy (, USA)

11:12AM Clarence Daniels “Hello California” from Love Affair

11:15AM Syd Barrett “Wined and Dined” from Barrett (2003) on Capitol (US)

11:18AM Ramsey Lewis “Function at the Junction” from 45

11:21AM Jimmy Durante “I'm the Guy That Found the Lost Chord” from In Person

11:24AM The Allman Brothers “MIDNIGHT RIDER” from Best Of

11:27AM Soloman Burke “Maggie's Farm” from 45

11:30AM Arthur Lyman “Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo ” from Taboo 2 (Remastered) (2008) on Essential Media Group LLC

11:33AM Ween “Zoloft” from Quebec (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on Chocodog Records (UK)

11:36AM Pete Townsend “Pure and Easy” from Who Came First?

11:39AM Sly & the Family Stone “Hot Fun In The Summertime” from Best of Sly & The Family Stone (1992) on Epic (UK)

11:42AM Sly & the Family Stone “Sex Machine” from Stand

11:45AM Unknown Children's Record “The Chocolate Train” from Puff and Toot

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