Sunday, July 31, 2011



Listen Here:

10:00AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Batman Theme” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:03AM Adam West “The Story of Batman” from Batmania: Songs Inspired By The Batman TV Series (CD, Comp, Private, 1997) on Varese Sarabande

10:06AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Batman Riddles the Riddler” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:09AM Batman and Robin TV Serial 1949 “Intro and Theme” from Old Radio

10:12AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Batusi A Go Go” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:15AM Jan and Dean “Robin the Boy Wonder” from Jan and Dean sing Batman

10:18AM Burgess Meredith “The Capture” from 1966 45

10:21AM "Batman Record" “There Goes Robin” from Synthetic Plastics 45-New Jersey 1966

10:24AM The Jam “Batman Theme” from In The City (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

10:27AM Al Hirt “Batman Theme” from The Horn Meets the Hornet

10:30AM Brothers Four “Batman and Robin in the Clipper Caper” from 1966 45

10:33AM Combo Kings “Batman a Go Go” from 45

10:36AM Burt Ward “Boy Wonder I Love You” from Robin Sings

10:39AM Frank Gorshin “The Riddler” from 1966 45

10:42AM Burt Ward (with Frank Zappa) “Orange Colored Sky” from Robin Sings

10:45AM Burgess Meredith “The Escape” from 45

10:48AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “To the Batmobile” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:51AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Batman Blues” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:54AM Adam West “Batman and Robin” from 1976 45

10:57AM Prince “Batdance” from 45

10:58AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Thaws Mr. Freeze” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:58AM The Who “Batman” from A Quick One (CD, Album, Private, 1966) on Geffen

10:58AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Zelda Tempts Batman” from Batman-Original TV Soundtrack

10:58AM Batgirl “Equal Pay Law PSA” from US Dept of Labor

10:58AM Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra “Batgirl” from TV

10:58AM Whistling Jack Smith “I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman” from 45 (Vinyl, Single)

11:01AM Olivia Newton-John and ELO “XANADU” from Xanadu: From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD, Album, Private, 1980) on MCA

11:04AM The Monkees “Pleasant Valley Sunday” from Backing Track

11:07AM Neil Diamond “RED RED WINE” from Double Gold (Vinyl, Album, Private)

11:10AM Bobby Vinton “Blue On Blue” from Blue Velvet - Greatest Hits (2011) on Master Classics Records

11:13AM Röyksopp “SO EASY” from Melody A.M. (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT

11:16AM Barcelona Catholic Boys Choir “Duetto buffo di due gatti (Cats Duet)” from Chinese New Year and Others

11:19AM The Dezurik Sisters(Cackle Sisters) “The Arizona Yodler” from Oxford American 2005 Southern Music CD (CD, Comp, Private, 2005) on Oxford American

11:22AM Brother Bones “SWEET GEORGIA BROWN” from Harlem Globetrotters

11:25AM Fleetwood Mac “Hypnotised” from Mystery to me (CD, Album, 1973) on Reprise Records (, USA)

11:28AM Brian Eno & John Cale “You Don't Miss Your Water” from Wrong Way Up Outtake (2005) on Ryko/WEA

11:31AM Chrysta Bell “Polish Poem” from Music of David Lynch(OST Inland Empire)

11:34AM Röyksopp “Across the Graveyard” from Junior Outtake (CD, Album, Private, 2009) on Astralwerks (,, USA)

11:37AM The Moon-a-Tiks “Here are the Moon-a-Tiks” from Here are the Moon-a-Tiks (Single)

11:40AM Can “Moonshake” from Future Days (CD, Single, World, 1973) on UA (Germany)

11:43AM Chakachas “JUNGLE FEVER” from Boogie Night Soundtrack (CD, Comp, Private, 1997) on Capitol (US)

11:46AM Bruce Haack “Soul Transportation” from Greatest Hits

11:49AM Bonzo Dog Band “Noises for the Leg (Remastered)” from A Dog's Life - The Albums 1967-1972 (Remastered) (2011) on EMI UK (, US)

11:50AM Bert Parks “Let Em In” from 1976 Miss America Pageant

11:53AM Gunther Beer “Gunther Beer Ad” from Old Time Radio Commercials

11:56AM Jackie De Shannon “Every Time That You Walk in the Room” from Best

11:59AM Mary Hopkin “GOODBYE” from Post Card (Album, Private, 2010) on EMI UK (, US)

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