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Eugene Record Convention Hangover 2/4/12

Eugene Record Convention Hangover 2 4 12
Rev Marc is joined by Bill and Laurie from the Eugene Record Convention to talk about next week's convention and play some choice nuggets from Bill's collection.
Listen Here at the Internet Archives:
10:00AM Ray Conniff & The Singers “Bah Bah Bah Struas-Thus Spake Zarathustra” fromYou Are The Sunshine of My Life
10:03AM Scott Walker “Jackie” from Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel (1995) on Mercury(US)
10:06AM Mel Torme “Take a Letter Maria” from Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
10:09AM Old Time Circus Calliope “Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March” from Circus Days
10:21AM Elliot Brothers and Disneyland Orchestra “Date Night at Disneyland” fromLet's Dance at Disneyland
10:24AM Perry Como “"A" You're Adorable” from Temptation (2009) on Carinco Neue Medien AG
10:27AM Spike Jones And His City Slickers “The Blue Danube” from Good For A Laugh - Comedy Classics (2011) on Roastin Records
10:30AM Cassius Clay “I am the Double Greatest” from I am the Greatest
10:33AM Animal House “Faber College Theme” from OST Animal House
10:36AM Silvia Vrethhammer “The Beat On” from Y Viva EspaƱa
10:39AM Peggy Lee “Everyday People” from A Natural Woman
10:42AM Sue Rainey “Sunday Morning” from With A Little Help From My Friends
10:45AM Peter Nero “I Want to Hold Your Hand” from Songs You Won't Forget
10:48AM The Sunrays “Our Leader” from The Very Best of the Tower Recordings (Laptop, Album, Private, 1999) on Collectables
10:49AM Bleach Boys “Upper Norwood Girls” from Russ Abbott on Ronco
10:50AM Darian Sahanaja “I Wanna Pick You Up” from 45
10:53AM Will Brison and the Shocking Shrinks “Landy You Need Me” from 45
10:54AM Jody Miller “In My Room” from The Very Best Of Jody Miller (2011) on Classic Music International
10:55AM Merseybeats of Liverpool “By the Way” from Beatlerama
10:58AM Percy Faith “You've Got to Hide Your Love Away ” from Themes for the In Crowd
11:01AM Chicago Bears Shufflin Crew “Super Bowl Shuffle” from 12-inch Single on indie
11:04AM Stanley Black and His Orchestra “These Boots are Made for Walking” fromDimensions in Sound
11:07AM Marmalade Moonlight “Psychonaut” from You Talk Too Much
11:10AM Lady Brown Sugar Bell “The Lady is Armed and Dangerous” from The Lady is Armed and Dangerous
11:13AM The Beanie Babies “Beanie Babies are Here To Stay” from Beanie Baby Songs
11:16AM John Hoffman “The Talking Eugene Cross” from 45
11:19AM David Lomonds “BURNING LOVE” from Live In Concert
11:22AM Ron McCroby “Theme to the Andy Griffith Show” from The Other Whistler
11:34AM Lou Christie “Guitars and Bongos” from Ultra Rare: Male Singers (2011) onRaintree Classics
11:37AM Lenny and the Squigtones “Only Women Cry” from Lenny and Squiggy
11:40AM Ann Boleyn “Illya” from 45
11:43AM Ian Finneran “Suuun” from Demo
11:45AM Jo Anna Neal “Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl” fromPeckin' Party
11:48AM Esso Trinidad Steel Drum Band “Sabre Dance ” from Esso Trinidad Steel Drum Band
11:49AM The Singing Dogs “Hot Dog Rock and Roll” from 45 on RCA Records Label(, i, USA)
11:50AM Cliff Ferre “The Greatest Indoor Sport” from 45
11:51AM George Pickard “Coke Was It” from 45
11:52AM Mortier Beglian Dance Organ “I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman” from The Best of the Wonderful Belgian Band Organ Vol. 4 (2008) on Gold 20
11:53AM The Yummies “Hippie Lady” from 45
11:54AM The Lonesome Valley Singers “Whirly Bird Crew” from Men in the Green Berets
11:55AM The "Keep Your Shirt On" Band “Take It Off Polka” from Music To Strip By(Jazz, 1992) on Compose Memories
11:58AM Tall People “Short People” from 45

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