Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Vinyl Record Store Day Hangover 4/22/12

Marc plays selections from his massive LP collection and acts with Fernando Lamas.
Listen Here at Internet Archives:
10:02AM 101 Strings Orchestra “The Sounds of Silence” from The Sounds of Love
10:02AM Chaino “Jungle Chase” from Jungle Chase (Vinyl, Single)
09:43AM Kings of Convenience “Gold For The Price Of Silver (Collaboration)” from Versus(2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)
10:05AM Martin Denny “RAIN” from Martin Denny in Person (Vinyl, Album, World, 1962) onImperial
10:10AM Ken Griffin “EBB Tide” from Lost In A Cloud (2009) on Hallmark
10:21AM The Hi-Los “Some Minor Changes” from Suddenly It's The Hi-Lo's (2008) onHallmark
10:21AM Jackie and Roy “You Smell So Good” from Jackie and Roy (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1961) on Decca (, USA)
10:22AM Bobby Goldsboro “Me Japanese Boy I Love You (Remastered)” from Honey - The Best of Bobby Goldsboro (Remastered) (CD, 1991) on EMI Catalog (USA)
10:24AM Les Baxter “ConVersation” from Skins! (2008) on Hallmark
10:28AM Dick Clark “New Year Countdown 2011” from Marc Time Collection
10:30AM Sergio Franchi “A MAN WITHOUT LOVE” from This Is Sergio Franchi (1988) onRCA Records Label (USA)
10:31AM Dick Clark “Open Letter to the Older Generation” from Dance With Dick Clark(2008) on Hallmark
10:38AM Bill Cosby “Bill Talks About Hard Drugs” from Bill Cosby Talks o Kids About Ha
10:38AM Noel Harrison “A Young Girl” from England's Greatest Hits! (Vinyl)
10:45AM Evelyn Evans “Somewhere Over he Rainbow” from Somewhere Over he Rainbow(Single)
10:46AM Sammy Davis Jr. “I Am Over 25 But You Can Trust Me” from Now (Vinyl, Album, Private)
10:46AM Dionne Warwick “Are You There (With Another Girl)” from Here I Am (2004) onRhino (, US)
10:49AM The Free Design “Kites Are Fun” from Kites Are Fun (2008) on Light In the Attic
10:50AM Roger Christian “Taurus” from Discover Yourself Through Astrology (Vinyl, Album, Private)
10:52AM The Mustang “Do You Want To Know a Secret” from The Beatles Songbok
10:58AM Roxy Music “More Than This” from Avalon (CD, Album, Private, 2003) on Virgin (UK)
11:02AM Electric Light Orchestra “Eldorado Overture” from Eldorado (1974) on Epic (USA)
11:03AM Electric Light Orchestra “Can't Get It Out Of My Head” from Eldorado (1974) onEpic (USA)
11:04AM Ray Martin And His Orchestra “The Moon Was Yellow” from Dynamica
11:04AM The Masked Marauders “I Can't Get No Nookie” from The Masked Marauders
11:05AM The Rolling Stones “It'S Not Easy” from aftermath (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1966) onAbkco
11:15AM The Kinks “LOUIE LOUIE” from The Kinks - The EP Collection, Vol. 1 (1998) onEssential
11:19AM Fred Frith “Dancing In the Street / My Enemy Is a Bad Man” from GRAVITY (2005) on RER Megacorp
11:35AM Fernado Lamas and Marc Time “The King and the Chorus Girl” from Co Star
11:36AM Rolf Harris “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” from Sun Arise (Vinyl, Album, Private, 2010) on Hallmark
11:36AM Bo Diddley “Mumblin' Guitar” from Have Guita Will Travel
11:40AM Lorne Greene “End Of Track” from The Man (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1965)
11:40AM Family “Take Your Partners” from FEARLESS
11:47AM Andy MacKay “Walking The Whippett” from In Search of Eddie Riff (Vinyl, Album, Private)
11:50AM Andy MacKay “A Four Legged Friend” from In Search of Eddie Riff (Vinyl, Album, Private)
11:51AM Captain Sensible “Revolution Now!” from Revolution Now!
10:00AM The Beach Boys “Honkin' Down The Highway” from Love You

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