Sunday, June 04, 2017

Surfing Hangover
50 early classic Surf instrumentals 1960-1964.

10:06AM Dick Dale & Del-Tones “let's Go Trippin'” from Surf Essentials (CD)

10:07AM The Lively Ones “Surf Rider (From "Pulp Fiction")” from Music from Quentin Taratino Movies (Original Recordings) on Soundtrack

10:08AM Belairs “Mr. Moto” from The History of Surf, Vol. 2 on JB Production

10:09AM The Royaltones “Black Lightning” from Black Lightning (Single)

10:15AM The Astronauts “Baja” from Big Waves (Five Decades of Surf Rock)

10:16AM The Moptops “Moptop” from Moptop

10:17AM The Ventures “Walk, Don't Run '64” from Walk, Don't Run, Vol. 2 on Capitol Records (CAP)

10:19AM Eddie and the Showmen “Mr. Rebel” from Mr. Rebel (Single)

10:20AM The Regents “Motivation” from 100 Gems From the 50S & 60S on AudioSonic Music

10:26AM Dick Dale & Del-Tones “Miserlou” from Greatest Surf Guitar on Master Classics

10:27AM The Centurions “Church Key” from Surfers Pajama Party

10:29AM Gestics “Invasion!” from The X-Instrumentals

10:32AM The Sentinals “Latin Soul” from Big Surf! on Rhino (, US)

10:36AM Rich Clayton and the Rumbles “Flip Side” from Drum N Bass Undiluted - Music for a Drum N Bass Lounge & Club

10:41AM Vulcanes “Moon Probe” from Moon Probe (Single)

10:42AM The Chantays “Pipeline” from pipeline (Single) on Geffen (, USA)

10:42AM Moons “Gammera” from Gammera (Single)

10:43AM The Sentinals “Exotic” from Exotic (Single)

10:45AM Motivations “Motivate” from Motivations

10:47AM The Lively Ones “Surf Beat” from Hang Five! the Best of the Lively Ones (2005) on Rhino (, US)

10:53AM Motions “big chief” from Big Chief (Single)

10:54AM Nomads “Bounty Hunter” from Hooligans United a Tribute to Rancid on Smelvis Records. (, US)

10:55AM A-Jacks “Fury” from 45

10:58AM Jimmy Gordon “Buzzzzzzzzzzzz” from Jimmy Gordon's Rock That Boogie on Charly Records

11:01AM Barracudas “saturn” from Saturn (Single)

11:02AM The Marketts “Out of limits” from Essential Surf Classics (2011) on Sunset

11:03AM The Telstars “Topless” from Drummin' up a Storm: The Imperial Records Story on One Day Music

11:04AM The Pyramids “Penetration” from Penetration! The Best Of The Pyramids on Master Classics Records

11:10AM The Trashmen “Malaguena (#1)” from Bird Call! The Twin City Stomp Of The Trashmen (1998) on Sundazed Music Inc.

11:15AM The Beach Boys “Surf Jam” from Surfin' (CD, Album, 2000) on Varese Sarabande Records

11:16AM Sandy Nelson “Casbah” from Drums A-Go-Go (stereo)

11:17AM The Tarantulas “Tarantula” from Gems from the Atlantic Vaults, Pt. 1 on Revolver Records

11:20AM The Catalinas “Banzai Washout” from Anthology on Ripete Records

11:21AM The Chandelles “El gato” from Who's Afraid of 138?! Top 15 - 2016-07

11:26AM The Electro-tones “Ghost train” from 10 Guitar Stories

11:27AM The Frogmen “underwater” from Underwater - Single (Jazz) on Black Sheep Music

11:28AM The New Dimensions “Failsafe” from Surf's Comin' - 75 Original Recordings on Not Now Music

11:29AM The Pharos “Pintor” from Wild Surf! (CD) on The Pharos

11:29AM The Rumblers “Boss” from Boss! on Rockabilly Records

11:30AM The Statesmen “Roo-Buh-Doo-Buh-Doo” from The Statesmen (Remastered) on Skylite

11:31AM The Strangers “Caterpiller Crawl” from The Caterpillar Crawl on GAMC

11:32AM The Marlins “Let Down” from 45

11:38AM The Breakers “Surf Breaker” from Coolest Songs In the World, Vol 4 on Wicked Cool Records

11:40AM The Emeralds “Moonlight Surf” from Sentimental Favourites on K-Tel

11:40AM The Fender IV “Mar Gaya” from The Surf Creature Volume 3

11:41AM The Reveliers “Hanging Five” from Rock Instrumentals, Vol. 9 on Documents

11:50AM The Centurians “Body Surfin” from Church Key (Single)

11:53AM The Ventures “Torquay” from The Classic Second Album on Revolver Records

11:57AM Duane Eddy “Detour” from Duane Eddy - Master Of Twang on Delta

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