Sunday, May 20, 2018

Progressive Rock Hangover

Rev. Marc Time's fave prog rock selections from 1968-1976

Listen Here:

10:00AM Van Der Graf Generator “Theme One” from H to E

10:03AM Yes “Yours Is No Disgrace” from The Yes Album (CD, Comp, 1971) on Rhino Atlantic (US)

10:07AM Brand X “Nuclear Burn” from Unorthodox Behaviour (1976) on Charisma Catalogue

10:12AM The Moody Blues “Higher and Higher” from To Our Children's Children's Children (CD, Album, 1969) on Decca Pop

10:18AM Pink Floyd “One of these Days” from Meddle (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1971) on Capitol (Blacklabel, US)

10:23AM Procol Harum “Repent Walpurgis” from Procol Harum (mp3player/iPod, Album, Private, 1968) on Victor

10:28AM Refugee “Ritt Mickley” from Refugee (1972) on Coda Masters

10:32AM King Crimson “21St. Century Schizoid Man” from In the Court of the Crimson King (CD, Album, Private, 1969) on Atlantic (US)

10:33AM Genesis “The Return of the Giant Hogweed” from Nursery Cryme (1971) on CHARISMA

10:44AM Kevin Ayers “Underwater (with Mike Oldfield)” from Shooting At the Moon (CD, Album, Private, 1972) on EMI UK (UK)

10:49AM The Soft Machine “Pig” from Volume 2

10:59AM Caravan “In the Land of Grey & Pink” from In the Land of Grey and Pink (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on Decca Music Group Ltd.

11:00AM Camel “Lunar sea” from Moonmadness (2002) on Decca Music Group Ltd.

11:04AM The Nice “America (2nd Amendment)” from Ars Longa Vita Brevis on Charly Records

11:10AM Emerson Lake & Palmer “The Barbarian” from Emerson Lake and Palmer

11:12AM Egg “Germ Patrol” from The Civil Surface on Mason Records

11:20AM Gentle Giant “The Boys in the Band” from Octopus (1973) on ALUCARD

11:24AM Hatfield and the North “Fol De Rol/Shaving is Boring” from Hatfield and the North (1974)

11:30AM Triumvirat “Triangle” from essential on EMI (UK)

11:30AM Gong “Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest in My Memory” from Live At Glastonbury (1971)

11:36AM The Soft Machine “Moon in June Pt 2” from Third

11:42AM Quiet Sun “Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil” from Mainstream (1975) on Antilles

11:45AM Aphrodite's Child “00 (Infinity Symbol)” from 6 6 6 (1971) on Vertigo

11:54AM Focus “Hocus Pocus ” from The Best of Focus

11:57AM Man “Never Say Nups to Nepalese” from Back Into the Future (Bonus Tracks) on Parlophone UK (US)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Aliens In Our Midst Hangover

The UFO Fest is in town, and Marc remembers Moms,and(Stormy)women everywhere.

Listen Here:

10:03AM The Kinks “20th Century Man” from Muswell Hillbillies (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Canada)

10:10AM XTC “Church of Women” from Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2) on Ape House Ltd.

10:11AM Terry Riley “Persian Surgery Dervishes Pt. 2” from Persian Surgery Dervishes (Single)

10:13AM Molly Rankin “Who Broke Your Heart?” from She

10:21AM Belle and Sebastian “Electronic Renaissance” from Tigermilk (CD, 1996) on Matador (, Blacklabel, USA)

10:24AM Komeda “Binario” from What Makes It Go? (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1998) on Minty Fresh

10:26AM A Flock of Seagulls “DNA.” from A Flock of Seagulls (CD, Album, Private, 1982) on Jive (USA)

10:27AM Alvvays “Lollipop (Ode to Jim)” from Antisocialites (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 2017, added 09/26/2017) on Polyvinyl Records (,, United States)

10:27AM Jesus And Mary Chain “Never Understand” from Psychocandy

10:34AM Pere Ubu “Non-Alignment Pact” from The Modern Dance (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1977) on Blank (USA)

10:38AM Neu! “E-Musik” from NEU 75 (1975) on Brain (Universal)

10:39AM Pink Floyd “Astronomy Domine” from The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (2018 - Remaster) (1967) on Parlophone UK (US)

10:49AM Hawkwind “Spirit of the Age” from Quark, Strangeness and Charm on Atomhenge

10:50AM The Stranglers “Waltz in Black” from Menninblack

10:58AM The Firesign Theatre “The Army Training Film” from Everything You Know is Wrong

11:00AM The Twinkeyz “Aliens in our Midst” from The Twinkeyz

11:01AM William Shatner “Mr. Spaceman” from Seeking Major Tom (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Cleopatra

11:04AM Kraftwerk “Tanzmusik” from Ralf and Florian

11:10AM Suicide “Rocket U.S.A.” from Suicide (Vinyl, 1977) on Red Star Music

11:11AM Phil Manzanera “Frontera” from Diamond Head (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1975) on Virgin UK (UK)

11:11AM Robert Wyatt “Pigs” from Mid Eighties

11:15AM Röyksopp “in Space” from Melody A.M. (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 2004) on CAROLINE ASTRALWERKS - CAT (,, USA)

11:18AM Devo “Pink Pussycat” from Duty Now for the Future (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] on Warner Bros. (USA)

11:25AM The Psychedelic Furs “Here Come Cowboys” from Mirror Moves (Vinyl, Album, Private, 1984) on CBS Inc.

11:26AM Can “I'm so Green” from Ege Bamyasi (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1972) on Hardly Art (,, USA)

11:27AM The Monochrome Set “March of the Eligible Bachelors” from Eligible Bachelors on Cherry Red Records

11:30AM David Byrne & Brian Eno “Strange Overtones” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008) on Todomundo Records

11:36AM Brian Eno “St. Elmos Fire” from another green world (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1975) on Island Records (USA)

11:37AM Alvvays “Dream Tonite” from Dream Tonite (Single)

11:43AM Ennio Morricone “For a few Dollars more” from For a few Dollars more

11:43AM Halie Loren “How to Dismantle a Life” from From the Wild Sky

11:49AM The Mamas & the Papas “Somebody Groovy (Remix)” from 45

11:53AM Intruders “I'll Always Love My Momma” from Best of the Intruders (2004) on The Orchard

11:57AM Classics IV “Stormy” from The Very Best of Classics IV (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1989) on Capitol Catalog (US)

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Late May Day and other stories Hangover

Marc celebrates May Day a week late and plays more dream pop.

Listen Here:

10:04AM Julie London “People Who Are Born in May” from Calendar Girl (Vinyl, Album, Jazz, 2011) on Cristal records

10:06AM The Bee Gees “The First of May” from Odessa

10:07AM Captain Kangaroo “April Showers” from Sings The Horse in the Red Striped Pajamas (Vinyl, Album) on Golden Records (US)

10:08AM RCA Victor Folk Dance Orchestra “Maypole Dance” from Music of the Decades - Vol. 3, The 1940's

10:09AM XTC “The Wheel and the Maypole” from Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2) on Ape House Ltd.

10:13AM Belle and Sebastian “Mayfly” from If You’re Feeling Sinister (CD, Album, BlackLabel, 1998) on Matador (, Blacklabel, USA)

10:19AM Kevin Ayers “May I?” from Shooting At the Moon (CD, Album, Private, 1972) on EMI UK (UK)

10:20AM La Fille Mal Gardee “Maypole Dance” from Celtic Inspirations

10:22AM Nick Drake “Pink moon” from Pink Moon (1972) on Island

10:24AM Claudine Longet “Think of Rain” from The Look of Love (Vinyl, Album, Private)

10:32AM Classics IV - Featuring Dennis Yost “Stormy” from Greatest Hits (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1968) on Oglio

10:34AM Margo Guryan “Love” from Take a Picture (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1968) on Oglio

10:35AM Barry Adamson “Hollywood Sunset” from Lost Highway (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (CD, 1997) on Interscope (, US)

10:36AM Halie Loren “Painter's Song” from From the Wild Sky

10:45AM The Beach Boys “Little Bird” from Friends (1968) on Capitol Catalog (US)

10:45AM Fleetwood Mac “Morning Rain” from Future Games (CD, Album, 1971) on warner / reprise

10:50AM Andy MacKay “The End of the World” from In Search of Eddie Riff (Vinyl, Album, Private) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Canada)

10:53AM Tiny Tim “Livin' In the Sunlight, Lovin' In the Moon Light” from God Bless Tiny Tim - The Complete Reprise Studio Masters... and More (CD, 2006) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)

11:10AM La Dusseldorf “Dusseldorf” from La Düsseldorf on WM Germany

11:10AM Alvvays “Dreams Tonite” from Antisocialites (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 2017, added 09/26/2017) on Polyvinyl Records (,, United States)

11:10AM My Bloody Valentine “We have all the time in the world” from EP's 1988-1991 (Remastered) (CD, Album, Private, 2012) on Sony Music UK

11:12AM Asobi Seksu “Thursday (Radio Edit)” from Thursday - Single on One Little Indian Records (UK)

11:13AM Jimi Hendrix “Send All My Love to Linda” from both sides of the sky (CD, Album, BlackLabel, 2018, added 03/24/2018)

11:17AM Sally Shapiro “Looking at the stars” from My Guilty Pleasure (2009) on Paper Bag Records

11:26AM Flaming Lips “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” from The Soft Bulletin (CD, Album, Private, 1998) on Restless

11:27AM Beach House “Norway” from Zebra (Vinyl, Single, Private, 2008, added 03/12/2010) on Mistletone Records (

11:30AM Imogen Heap “Between Sheets (Instrumental)” from Ellipse (bonus) (CD, Album, Private)

11:32AM Julee Cruise “Rockin' back Inside My Heart” from Floating Into the Night (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1989) on Warner Bros. (USA)

11:42AM Fergie “Star Spangled Banner” from NBA All Star Game 2018

11:42AM Shonen Knife “Daydream believer” from Daydream Believer (Single)

11:42AM Belly “Feed the Tree” from STAR (CD, Album, Private, 1993) on Reprise (, USA)

11:46AM The Soft Machine “Fire Engine Passing” from Volume Two

11:48AM Dils, The “Mr. Big (Live)” from Class War

11:55AM Wilson Pickett “Born to be wild” from Hey Jude

11:56AM The Damned “I don't care” from Evil Spirits (CD, Album, BlackLabel, 2018, added 04/14/2018) on Spinefarm Records UK