Sunday, September 08, 2019

Synthesized Hangover

Reverend Marc Time and guest host Radio DJ and electronic musician  Austin Rich talk about synths and jam to ELP's "Lucky Man" . Vote for the Hangover here:
Playlist and archived audio for this program HERE:

10:01 AM         Suicide Ghost Rider Suicide Mute, a BMG Company
10:07 AM   Pere Ubu Non-Alignment Pact The Modern Dance Fire Records 
10:10 AM   Silver Apples You and I Contact 2011 Start Entertainments Limited 
10:14 AM Devo Snowball (backing track) Freedom of Choice
10:17 AM   Devo Uncontrollable Urge Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
10:17 AM Kraftwerk Spacelab Die Mensch-Maschine
10:22 AM   Neil Young Computer Age Trans 1983 Geffen
10:26 AM   The Stranglers Waltzinblack (The Gospel According To) The Meninblack
10:29 AM   Space Ponch Barefoot In Baltimore World Shopping With Space Ponch                                                 Flavour of Sound
10:34 AM           A Flock of Seagulls Iran Best
10:36 AM           Gary Numan Cars The Pleasure Principle  1979 Beggars Banquet
10:46 AM          George Harrison Under the Mersey Wall Electronic Sound  UMC
10:47 AM   R√∂yksopp Eple Melody A.M. 2006 PIAS/Wall Of Sound Electronic
10:50 AM         Roger Powell Ictus: The Primordial Pulse Cosmic Furnace 1973                                               Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group Electronic
10:53 AM   Tonto's Expanding Head Band Cybernaut Zero Time 2012 ODL
10:56 AM Dick Hyman The Minotaur What is a Synthesizer?
11:03 AM   Belle and Sebastian Electronic Renaissance Tigermilk  MatadorUS
11:10 AM The Moog Cookbook Black Hole Sun The Moog Cookbook
11:19 AM Emerson Lake and Palmer Lucky Man Marc Time Mix
11:19 AM   Pilot 55 Degrees North 3 Degrees West Second Flight Parlophone
11:19 AM   Cluster Rote Riki       Zuckerzeit  1974 Vertigo Berlin  
11:21 AM   Ralph Lundsten Robbie Is Dancing the Waltz - Heaven By Night In Ralph                                                                  Lundsten's Universe  Andromeda Music
11:25 AM          Morton Subotnick The Wild Bull, Pt. B Morton Subotnick: Silver                                                         Apples of the Moon - The Wild Bull 2011 wergo Electronic
11:31 AM         Terry Riley A Rainbow in Curved Air, Riley: A Rainbow in Curved                                                      Air 1969 Sony Classical
11:31 AM Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson Abracadabra Listen Compute
11:33 AM   Grimes Genesis Visions 2012 Electronic
11:39 AM   Imogen Heap Between Sheets Ellipse 2009 RCA Records Label
11:42 AM Lucifer Rite of Aida Black Mass
11:47 AM Bonzo Dog Band Noises for the Leg  A Dog's Life - The Albums 1967-                                                                     1972  EMI UKUK
11:47 AM Walter Carlos Timesteps Clockwork Orange OST
11:54 AM   Robert Fripp & Brian Eno Evening Star 2019 Discipline Global
 11:56AM               Gong Master Bulder You 1974 Virgin Records Electronic

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