Sunday, January 09, 2005

Today's Radio Show and Next Week's Show

You know, doing this show really IS the highlight of my week-and there is no greater joy than sharing my latest musical finds and ideas with an audience of hundreds. And when people call up to say that they are listening and digging it it makes my week complete.
Even better is when a listener writes or e mails me with kudos and some REAL criticism and feedback about what they like or didn't like. One listener today said that I do a great show but that I have been a little too political lately, and I must say that I agree.
When I started the Hangover in January 2003 with the help of my good friend Shawn Mediaclast I envisioned a kind of musical oasis where we could get away from some of the harsh political realities that we are bombarded with throughout the week. In essence a Sunday Morning reflective respite where you could just laugh and mellow out. And this listener was right in pointing out that some of the politics sullens the show.
So if I seem a little apolitical in the future you know why.
Next week or the week after I will be featuring an hour or two of my "Stolen Song Segments" where I demonstrate how pop artists have ripped off lesser knowns and scored big. Stay tuned to KWVA-FM Sunday Mornings at 8 AM-

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