Thursday, June 02, 2005

Letter to this week's Weekly


I picked up EW on my way to school this morning, as I do each Thursday, and was both amused and bothered by the tongue in cheek article "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Summer Fashion" by Vanessa Salvia.

Although I agreed completely with the comments about "the boob curtain," her comments on the pinch and pucker, which is described as "the lovely effect of fat girls wearing too-tight low-rider jeans with the flab fluttering in the wind" really deserved my response.

As a fat (though healthy and extremely stylish) girl who lives in Gap Ultra Low Rise jeans, I find this ridiculous to imply that only fat girls have rolls when they wear such pants. If you look around, you notice just as many size 6s with Gateway Mall-worthy hip love handles as size 16s.

The point Salvia made is well received with me otherwise, I just think a reconsidering of her language and generalized thoughts is needed.

In conclusion, fat ladies have just as much right as thinner ones to wear whatever (trendy) clothes they want, and I think everyone should pull their damn pants up.

Amelia Kimball, Eugene

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