Monday, February 06, 2006

My Radio Show is Available on Ipod!

Go To the I tunes page,go to Advanced --> Subscribe to podcast
and paste in
Thanks to Shawn from Entroporium and Armin from True Margrit for making this happen!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I love your show. Here's a story about your show...once I was driving to the YMCA and on the radio I heard the best, most swinginest 60's music ever. No vocalist, just a totally kickin' band. So, I was SO excited about it I had to know who it was and I called you up from the locker room. You told me it was from the "Best of Godzilla" soundtrack cd and I might be able to order it on Well, I decided not to bother, but my darling husband remembered my story and gave it to me for my birthday. Imagine my sorrow when I played through the first 22 songs of this cd only to find no good music and a whole lot of godzilla noises. FINALLY song 23 was the totally kick-ass, swingin tune I remembered. Phew!!! Even though that is really the only listenable song on the record, I'm glad I have it to burn onto other, mixed cd's. Thank you!

The Sunday Morning Hangover said...

Hey Anonymous-
I want to know which song it was---was it the Peanut Twins singing "Mothra"?

Anonymous said...

It's actually the 28th song and it's called "Cute Kid Theme/Monster Fight". Turn it up and get me a drink!