Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stupid Record Of The Week

To celebrate my new time slot (10 AM till Noon on Sundays!) this week's show will feature a lot of stuff that regular 8-10 listeners have heard but may be new to my recent listeners. I will also be bringing back my Hangover Cures, Celebrity Spotlight and Stupid Record of the Week.
This week's LP I found in McMinville for a buck.It looked like another pleasant piano album from the late 50's and I threw it in my play pile, and didn't get to it for a week.
When I put the needle down what came out was some of the WORST piano playing I have heard in my life! And three tracks in Mr. Edwards decides he's going to let his wife sing and she gives Mrs. Miller a run for her money.
Tonight when I showed the cover to my wife she said "The piano player has TWO RIGHT HANDS!"
Duh- I never noticed till she told me.
Listen in Sunday-you won't believe it.

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