Sunday, October 29, 2006

Is Halloween the new Christmas?

Yup. I said CHRISTmas. I used the C word. In this PC climate of Eugene left coast manners it is no longer appropriate to say "Merry Christmas" -now it is "Happy Holodays". Example:when I went to the Weekly to list my September Christmas show and they called it a "Holiday" show.
Now before you stick me in with Bill O'Reilly and Rush I DO NOT BELIEVE there is a war on Christmas.It just seems that everyone has gone gaga over Halloween this year. Halloween songs all over the radio. Parties and costumes galour.A LOT more hoopla than I remember from last Xmas.
Is it because we have to set the clocks back? Is it because after tonight's celebrations, the rain and cold and darkness comes down on us like a dark curtain?
The pagan holiday of Christmas/Winter Solstice meant it was time to hunker down for a miserable winter. But now, especially with our world weary tatooed youth, the goal post has been moved up to late October.
Hopefully Satan hasn't replaced the Christ child. But in an age when the politician elders line up in lockstep behind cruel and materialistic leaders,it makes sense that what used to be GOOD is now EVIL.When things couldn't get much worse in our national psyche, it makes sense that the Goblins and Ghouls have replaced the good guys.
Happy Halloween and God bless.Party on.
And Bah Humbug.

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