Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Moods

That's what my friend Armin is calling my latest archived radio show from October 1 available HERE where you can listen or download a whole bunch of my Sunday Morning Hangover Radio shows. October Moods featured some Al Green, Dolly Parton, Film Soundtracks, William Shatner,Shooby Taylor, Hangover Cures,Shuggie Otis,the Trojan College Sexual Health Report Card, Mashups, stupid songs, Mr. Rogers,Pee Wee Herman,Your Horoscope and Much More!!!If you haven't heard my show yet then you suck.
I am preparing a show about late 60's early 70's pop schlock vocal group The Free Design and that will air soon.
If you haven't visited the Other KWVA website go HERE to see the incredible lineup of shows on the U of O radio station.
I hope that if anyone is out there in cyberspace that you will leave a comment. I am feeling like no one cares and I may soon discontinue this blog.
Winter is coming and I feel cold.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Oh, PLEASE don't go, Marc. If you stop blogging, I'll have to get all my news from Comedy Central.