Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Grinches Try To Steal Christmas

RANDI PIERCE/Special to the Herald
Bill Trimarco and Lisa Jensen stand next to their peace wreath at their home near Pagosa Springs on Friday. The couple received a letter Tuesday from their subdivision’s homeowners’ association telling them to take down the sign or face a fine of $25 per day.

Monday, November 27, 2006

This Show was NOT FUNNY

Yeah another moody radio show . Listen HERE

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anita O'Day

This Sunday at 4 PM on the "Sound of Surprise" Jazz radio program I will feature an hour long tribute to Anita O'Day-KWVA-FM 88.1 Eugene
This program is now archived and available for your listening pleasure HERE.

From Today's Papers:
Renowned jazz singer Anita O'Day dies
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Anita O'Day, whose sassy renditions of "Honeysuckle Rose," "Sweet Georgia Brown" and other song standards that made her one of the most respected jazz vocalists of the 1940s and '50s, has died. She was 87.
O'Day died in her sleep early Thursday morning at a convalescent hospital in Los Angeles where she was recovering from a bout with pneumonia, said her manager Robbie Cavolina.
"On Tuesday night, she said to me, get me out of here," Cavolina said. "But it didn't happen."
Once known as the "Jezebel of Jazz" for her reckless, drug-induced lifestyle, O'Day lived to sing and she did so from her teen years until this year when she released "Indestructible!"
"All I ever wanted to do is perform," she said in a June 1999 interview with The Associated Press. "When I'm singing, I'm happy. I'm doing what I can do and this is my contribution to life."
Cavolina recently completed a feature film about O'Day and accompanied her to shows and on tours.
"She got to see how many people really loved her at the shows we did, in New York, in London," Cavolina said. "She had come back after all of this time. She really lived a very full and exciting life.
O'Day was born in Chicago, Ill. She left home at age 12 and often bragged about being "self-made" and never having a singing lesson.
She began her career in her teens and later recorded hits with Stan Kenton and Gene Krupa. Her highly stylized performance of songs like "And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine," "Let Me Off Uptown," "Honeysuckle Rose" and "Sweet Georgia Brown" made her famous the world over.
In her prime, O'Day was described as a scat singer and a natural improviser whose unique interpretations energized the most familiar songs. She inspired many singers, including June Christy and Chris Connor.
Her fame came at a price.
She suffered from a 16-year heroin addiction and an even longer alcohol problem. Wild, drug-related behavior and occasional stints in jail on drug charges earned her the nickname "Jezebel of Jazz," a term she hated.
"I tried everything," she once said. "Curiosity will make you go your own way."She overdosed many times and on one occasion in the late 1940s, it was almost fatal.The experience shocked her into giving up drugs, but she continued to drink.
Her 1981 memoir "High Times Hard Times" tells of her long struggle with drug addiction and her romance with drummer John Poole.
In late 1996, O'Day fell down the stairs of her Hemet, Calif., home after a drinking binge. She was admitted to a hospital with a broken arm but ended up with severe food poisoning and pneumonia.
She survived the ordeal but her recovery - both physical and emotional - was painful. She left the hospital in a wheelchair and didn't walk for nearly a year. Her right hand was paralyzed but worst of all, she said, she had lost her singing voice.
Although she blamed the complications on poor hospital care, the near-death experience convinced O'Day to give up alcohol.
It took nearly a year to get her voice back and start singing again. But once she did, she was right back on stage.
She received a lifetime achievement award from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1997.
For the last years of her life, O'Day performed at various Los Angeles night spots.
O'Day had no children and no immediate family, Cavolina said.
© 2006 The Associated Press.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dirk Dirksen-S.F. Punk Promoter

The Mabuhay Gardens was a Filippino night club located on
Broadway at the end of the North Beach area in San Francisco
, where lots of night clubs and topless bars were located . It was
a failing night club owned by Ness Aquino . Sometime in 1976 .
Ness was approached by Dirk Dirksen to promote punk rock
shows at the Mabuhay . Ness agreed , and the rest is history
, the PREMIER PUNK PALACE was born.Jello Biafra of
the Dead Kennedys stated that seeing the
Sex Pistols , Nuns , and Avengers at Winterland , changed
his life . He knew that this was what he wanted to do , form
his own punk band . He wasn't alone , also in the audience
were the people who would later make up some of San
Francisco's most notable Punk bands . The Nuns would
become one of the first bands to play at the Mabuhay ,
The Mary Monday Group was the first band to play
there,though, I cannot remember them, or, if they were
actually a punk band. Now the stage was set , these punk
bands needed a place to play and the Mabuhay was there
.Dirk Dirksen made the perfect emcee for the Mab.Coming
from a background in television , and very much into
experimental theatre and audience participation , this
BIZARRE and unusual character turned a failing Filippino
night club into a WORLD FAMOUS TOURIST
In fact, the Mab would soon become
as famous as CBGB's was on the east coast .The Mab
was host to many famous bands of that era , including ,
The DAMNED , DEVO , IGGY POP , Neil Young ,
The RAMONES , The Nuns , CRIME , The Dead Kennedys
Husker Du , DOA , Pink Section, Rozz & Negative Trend
and many more .

By 1978 , the Mabuhay became to punk rock , what the
Filmore West and Winterland were to commercial rock
and Dirksen became punk's answer to Bill Graham
from:Mabuhay Gardens.
This is a little more than I can even begin to write.
Dirk passed away last night, in his sleep.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.
Many of us wouldn't.
He only wanted a band to be good. If he was harsh it
wasn't because you sucked but because you could be better.
4 Bands a night, 7 nights a week.
Think about it.
With love,
VKTMS - John, Steve, Lou, Nyna (R.I.P.)

Man, that's sad. More than "4 Bands a night,
7 nights a week," it was a
SCENE (a concept today's aggregate club owners
can't seem to grasp), and no
one person was more important to that scene
than Dirk. The Jars' second ever
SF gig and our next to last gig ever (Dirk:
"It's time to can The Jars...")
were both at the Fab Mab. For a time it seemed
we were there every third
Tuesday, and then there for entertainment 2
or 3 nights a week besides. All
the bands were always (good naturedly, for
punks) on Dirks ass, it meant we
loved him. He was an indelible part of the
last, most coherent music scene
in this here city.
Glad he got to do that Mabuhay reunion at the
Fillmore earlier this year, he
must have gotten a kick out of it.
For the Jars- Mik Dow, Armin Hammer, Gary Nervo
, Marc Time, Johnny Savior
and sometimes Mike- bye, Dirk, R.I.P.
Gary Hobish / "Armin Hammer"
A. Hammer Mastering & Digital Media
San Francisco, CA

Here is a great write up from the Chron:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Eugene Weekly Radio Winner Bites the Dust

This happened in 2004-whoever wins the Weekly Award disappears from the airwaves shortly afterward!Fortunately(or unfortunately)you still have last year's winner Marc Time to kick around.(and Vinnie and Icky)
What did her in?Was it her calls for impeachment?Her objection to 20 minutes of commercials and weather per hour?Her emphasis on gay rights?The Weekly article keeps it deliberately cryptic.
Oh well- so goes the dumb ass radio industry. Good Luck in Taos Nancy!

"Popular local progressive radio talk show host Nancy Stapp of "Breakfast With Nancy" has left the airwaves of Air America-affiliate KOPT 1600 AM radio following a rumored dispute with station management over editorial content and control. Stapp was recently honored with the EW Best of Eugene Award for "Best Local Radio Show or Host."

Station owners John Musumeci and Suzanne Arlie deferred comment on the reasons for the breakup to Churchill Media and KOPT Program Director Liz Kelly. Kelly, in a press release Nov. 10 said, "We are saddened to announce that morning show host Nancy Stapp has left KOPT. … We appreciate Nancy's contribution to our community and our organization as the morning show host on KOPT over the past year. While we are sorry to see her leave Eugene, we wish Nancy the best in her future endeavors as she returns to Taos, New Mexico."

Stapp was also reluctant to talk about why she left the station so abruptly. "What I can say," she said, "is that the folks in Eugene are very intelligent, engaged people and they will draw their own conclusions. In life and not just in work, I find that people definitely judge you by your actions rather than your intentions, and my hope is that people will look at the work that I've done and the work that we were able to do. And when I mean 'we' I really mean this community, because I'm nothing without the voices that I was able to bring on the air."

She will be taking her old job as morning talk show host at the solar-powered KTAO radio ( in Taos. She was at the station previously for 10 years, and has known station owner and DJ Brian Hockmeyer for 28 years. When asked if she would like to stay in Eugene, she said she loves Eugene, but she signed a non-compete agreement with Churchill Media, and talk radio is what she does best.

Taking her place on the KOPT morning slot is Brian Shaw, who recently left Diamond Peak Media's SUCCESS FM radio. — Ted Taylor"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sandy Denny Special!!!

This is a photo of Adrienne from last Friday's Register Guard. She and her friend Luke will be co-hosting the Hangover this sunday and we will feature "The Life and Music Of Sandy Denny" as well as their fave British Folk Artists.
Sunday at 10 AM on KWVA-FM 88.1 Eugene.
You can listen to this program HERE.

Hey Spammers: Stay Off My Blog!

I wish regular people and not salemen would comment on my posts-maybe nobody reads this blog but if you do send me a comment every now and then!
You ass holes selling crap will be deleted!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Favorite New Music Blog

Dinosaur Gardens-Yep this is where I stole the idea for the Misirlou history from. I hope Sluggo doesn't mind. I just thought that all of you non-websurfers would find it fun
History of Misirlou radio show now available HERE

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tonight George Macaca Allen conceded the Virginia Senate race. This means that the Dems have won control of the Senate 51-49. This has been an overwhelming mandate and a sign that things will be blue for a while.
Whether or not you vote or aren't crazy about the Democrats this has been an overwhelming tidal wave of hope for the future.
Don't piss on my parade-join me in an early thanksgiving.
Much more exciting than Dance with the Stars or the freakin Ducks.
2008 is gonna be a good year.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eileen Polk interview this Sunday

This Sunday Nov 12 at 11 AM on my radio show I will interview Photographer Eileen Polk.
The following is an edited article from a previous Eugene Weekly:

Eileen Polk's punk photography on display.

Eileen Polk, a New York native and Eugene resident who documented the late '70s punk scene in New York City through her camera lens, will open a gallery show at Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art on Friday, Nov 3.

Polk was a New York teenager in the late seventies and befriended many of the performers and individuals who created and nurtured the punk scene, including The Ramones, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Frank Zappa and many others.

Polk always had her camera with her when she went to a party or show, and consequently was able to get candid shots. "I was like a fly on the wall – I had my camera on so much that no one even thought about it," she says. "It was like, 'Oh, there she is again.'"

Though she did make attempts to photograph professionally for magazines, Polk's intention morphed to just creating a "personal archive." Getting paid to shoot wasn't as important as simply documenting the many interesting lives and events she encountered. The people she photographed accepted her and her camera's presence because she was a part of the scene, not a journalist trying to infiltrate the community.

Polk was among the last few people to see Sid Vicious on the night of his death, and knows firsthand how the media can sensationalize and distort celebrity lives. She enjoys presenting a truthful view of the people she photographs. "I like to show people the way they are, even if they're not being politically correct," she says.

Her philosophy of photography has always been "to take pictures of things that would otherwise be lost to history. My photos are kind of like a visual anthropology."

Among the photos she plans to have on display are shots of Dee Dee and Joey Ramone, two personal friends of Polk's who have since passed away. She also has shots of Cherry Poppin' Daddies‚ frontman Steve Perry, local politician Pete Sorenson, even Jesse Jackson. Prints of photos in her extensive collection will be available for purchase. Polk's photographs are hanging in the gallery at 537 Willamette through November 30.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again....

I thought today's radio show went pretty smooth, although it was an overworked corny concept. Playing RAIN songs while it's raining. Part 2 was all about food and I thought it was really funny.
What wasn't funny was that there was a "Meet the Candidates" brunch at a cafe in Junction City with State Senate candidate Vicki Walker, Judicial candidate Debra Vogt, Mayoral candidates Bev Ficek and Mayor Larry Crowley, and all of the city council candidates.
My wife Barb and I were the only voters that showed up. And we have already voted!
What a sad state of affairs where folks are more interested in the Ducks and Beavers games and Dancing with the Stars .
Nevertheless we had a great time and I think that Vicki and Bev are real sweeties.
Download today's show HERE.