Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Eugene Weekly Radio Winner Bites the Dust

This happened in 2004-whoever wins the Weekly Award disappears from the airwaves shortly afterward!Fortunately(or unfortunately)you still have last year's winner Marc Time to kick around.(and Vinnie and Icky)
What did her in?Was it her calls for impeachment?Her objection to 20 minutes of commercials and weather per hour?Her emphasis on gay rights?The Weekly article keeps it deliberately cryptic.
Oh well- so goes the dumb ass radio industry. Good Luck in Taos Nancy!

"Popular local progressive radio talk show host Nancy Stapp of "Breakfast With Nancy" has left the airwaves of Air America-affiliate KOPT 1600 AM radio following a rumored dispute with station management over editorial content and control. Stapp was recently honored with the EW Best of Eugene Award for "Best Local Radio Show or Host."

Station owners John Musumeci and Suzanne Arlie deferred comment on the reasons for the breakup to Churchill Media and KOPT Program Director Liz Kelly. Kelly, in a press release Nov. 10 said, "We are saddened to announce that morning show host Nancy Stapp has left KOPT. … We appreciate Nancy's contribution to our community and our organization as the morning show host on KOPT over the past year. While we are sorry to see her leave Eugene, we wish Nancy the best in her future endeavors as she returns to Taos, New Mexico."

Stapp was also reluctant to talk about why she left the station so abruptly. "What I can say," she said, "is that the folks in Eugene are very intelligent, engaged people and they will draw their own conclusions. In life and not just in work, I find that people definitely judge you by your actions rather than your intentions, and my hope is that people will look at the work that I've done and the work that we were able to do. And when I mean 'we' I really mean this community, because I'm nothing without the voices that I was able to bring on the air."

She will be taking her old job as morning talk show host at the solar-powered KTAO radio ( in Taos. She was at the station previously for 10 years, and has known station owner and DJ Brian Hockmeyer for 28 years. When asked if she would like to stay in Eugene, she said she loves Eugene, but she signed a non-compete agreement with Churchill Media, and talk radio is what she does best.

Taking her place on the KOPT morning slot is Brian Shaw, who recently left Diamond Peak Media's SUCCESS FM radio. — Ted Taylor"

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