Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again....

I thought today's radio show went pretty smooth, although it was an overworked corny concept. Playing RAIN songs while it's raining. Part 2 was all about food and I thought it was really funny.
What wasn't funny was that there was a "Meet the Candidates" brunch at a cafe in Junction City with State Senate candidate Vicki Walker, Judicial candidate Debra Vogt, Mayoral candidates Bev Ficek and Mayor Larry Crowley, and all of the city council candidates.
My wife Barb and I were the only voters that showed up. And we have already voted!
What a sad state of affairs where folks are more interested in the Ducks and Beavers games and Dancing with the Stars .
Nevertheless we had a great time and I think that Vicki and Bev are real sweeties.
Download today's show HERE.

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