Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blue Music

On the Sunday Morning Hangover-KWVA 88.1 at 11AM- an hour of Blue Music in celebration of the Museum of Unfine Art's 5 year birthday bash this coming thursday.

At 10 AM an Hour of interviews and the Best tracks by The Free Design.
"Despite the almost unbelievable lack of chart success they had keen followers ...a brothers and sisters act who struck no poses but sang melodic popular music was ostracized. The craftmanship of the Free Design's productions, the intricate arrangements, the timelessness of the songs and the purity and natural beauty of their voices were in contrast with the trends being set by their contemporaries.
The sound of Free Design is modern, rich orchestration with a choral approach to pop, simultaneously nostalgic and bracingly fresh. Although the band remained obscure and unnoticed by the media it is not strange that nowadays bands as Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Blueboy, Gentle People, Louis Philippe, Tomorrow's World, Stereolab and Belle and Sebastian have found a source of inspiration with the prolific career of the Free Design."
Listen online to the stream at
listen live at KWVA 88.1 Eugene at 10AM on Sunday!

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