Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Next President...Mike Gravel

Who? This old guy mopped the floor with Obama, Biden, and Brian Williams at the debates the other night. He is my hero. I encourage you to watch this clip and learn about this NO BULLSHIT politician.If I had money I would give it all to Mike Gravel.


Vigilante said...

In the primary, I will be voting for anyone to stop Hillary. But Gravel's voice merits being heard.

Swiftspeech reports that Gravel may be deleted from future debates. For now, let's just do what we can to see he's not excluded from further televised debates! Voice your concern to CNN. Took me 90 seconds!

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews wasn't moderating the debate, boozo. It was Brian Williams.

The Sunday Morning Hangover said...

Whops! I have corrected said goof. And its Bozo not Boozo.