Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I've seen some posts on other blogs about what terrible fathers people have,abusive dads, a lot of deadbeat dads and how this holiday is overrated.
Well my Dad was a good Dad, did the best he could,supported our family, worked his ass off, made time to be with us and was never abusive, He served in WW2 and Korea and stayed active in many civic groups.
Today he is 90 years old, healthy, happy and married and enjoying his life.
I want to say here in case he sees this--"Happy Fathers Day Dad- I Love You!".

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Airship Takes Off!

I've Got a New Radio Show!
I will be a member of Airship Radio Theatre, a comedy and interview sketch experiment that will be airing on KOPT-AM 1600 the local Eugene Air America affiliate. Our weekly one hour show will start NEXT saturday June 23 at 12 Noon!
Of course myself and my crew mates Captain Pettigrew and Professor X are very excited to launch this flying Airship Utopia.
Please help us out by tuning in to your AM radio Next Saturday at noon! We are also looking for any businesses that are interested in sponsoring and advertising on our program.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale

Everyone is speculating so I might as well also: We,the Audience GOT WHACKED.
The final blackout was David Chase's way of telling us that we don't matter anymore, life goes on even though we aren't watchong and that Tony lives on.
"When the bullet hits your head, you won't see it or hear it"
The more I watch the episode, the more I like it.
The "Good" guy wins, Phil loses, everyone left in the Family moves on to better things and and as AJ says, we should remember the good times.
Whatdya gonna do?
More analysis here:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Big Ten Inch

records will be played today at 10 AM on the Sunday Morning Hangover Radio -88.1 FM Eugene!
Nothing but 78's from my massive collection of Ten Inch records.
Forward Into The Past on this edition of the Hangover!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

FCC says that Bush and Cheney have Potty Mouths

Court Rebuffs F.C.C. on Fines for Indecency

"If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts.
Under President Bush, the F.C.C. has expanded its indecency rules, taking a much harder line on obscenities uttered on broadcast television and radio. While the judges sent the case back to the commission to rewrite its indecency policy, it said that it was "doubtful" that the agency would be able to "adequately respond to the constitutional and statutory challenges raised by the networks."

The judges said vulgar words are just as often used out of frustration or excitement, and not to convey any broader obscene meaning. "In recent times even the top leaders of our government have used variants of these expletives in a manner that no reasonable person would believe referenced sexual or excretory organs or activities."
Mr. Bush was caught on videotape last July using a common vulgarity(..."shit") that the commission finds objectionable in a conversation with Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. Three years ago, Mr. Cheney was widely reported to have muttered an angry obscene version of "get lost" to Senator Patrick Leahy ("go fuck yourself") on the floor of the United States Senate."

Of course the most obscene act of the Bush Administration was lying to the American people about the reasons for going into a war that has killed almost 5000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Airship Radio Theatre

We just got the green light for our new Radio theater program to air on KOPT 1600 AM on Saturdays, perhaps in the afternoon.

KOPT is the local Air America station and our weekly show will feature bits and sketches as well as musical segments.

The show is conceived and written by Dudley Clark, with additional material by Marc Time and James Stegall. Appearing are Amy Wray, Allen Erickson, Mark Lewis, Kristi Koons, Dudley Clark, Marc Time, Andy Schanz and James Stegall.

Our Musical Director is the Reverend Marc Time.

Future shows will include interviews with Mason Williams, Mojo Nixon,and many other artists, musicians and authors.

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Best Pizza in America--Pepe's New Haven CT