Sunday, July 22, 2007

Listen To My Archived Radio Shows

I dunno if you ever followed the link to my archived programs, but they are available HERE
Just for chuckles,left click on the above HERE link,and each 1 hour segment will download to your desktop.Listen or burn as you please--but hurry, the older shows will be removed very soon!

Broadcast Date: Featuring:

7/15/07 *NEW* Guilty Pleasures- Ever wonder what MARC likes? Well, you asked for it! (What's that you say? You DIDN'T ask for it? Well... tough!) (Sorry for the short fade on The Man Band at the end...)

7/8/07 The Holographic Show- A potpurri show with Marc in a meloncholy mood- which is more fun than most of us being happy, y'know?

7/1/07 The Amazing World of Tiny Tim- In hour #1, Marc examines the underrated and misunderstood genius of Tiny Tim. Give it a shot- you'll be amazed by everything you didn't know about this ukelele-toting giant. Hour 2 is a sampling of things floating by The Rev. Mr. Time's windows the last few weeks.

6/24/07 The Summer Sunshine Show- It's summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertine- Join the Reverend as he celebrates sumnmer, sunshine, and explains why this year is the summer of love! Plus your Cancer horscope and a special on the Cackle Sisters. Get the point?

6/17/07 The Father's Day Show- The Rev.'s tribute to all the "Mr. Grooves" out there. The history of Father's Day, stories, interviews and of course plenty of songs about our dads. Also, a segment featuring the unusual story of jazz musician Billy Tipton, and Marc's take on last Sunday's Sopranos finale.

6/9/07 A Sonar Map Radio Show Special- Start steaming your brats and hike up your liederhosen as The Rev. Marc Time pays tribute to his two favorite Krautrock bands, Cluster and Neu!

6/3/07 The HAPPY! Show- Ho, what fun! Including specials on classic world music songstress Yma Sumac, and a dip into the 5 Disc Fonotone Records Box set of Jug Band and Hillbilly Music.

5/27/07 The Memorial Day Show- Things to love about America: Johnny Cash, John Wayne (who apparently loves America for her geography), B.B. King, an extended segment on Korla Pandit, the Cackle Sisters, Betty Boop, June Carter, stag party records and the Kinks. (Hey, wait a minute...)

5/13/07 The Mother's Day Show- That says it all! Tributes and dedications to all the moms!

4/15/07 The Art Of Sleep- Music and commentary inspired by the activity to which humans devote 1/3 of their lives. No, not Anna Nicole's baby-daddy, sleep!

4/8/07 Riding The Chocolate Train to Easter Everywhere- Marc's tribute to the rebirth of Spring, rabbits, peeps, and the glory that is chocolate. Wanna buy a bunny?

4/1/07 The Rush Limbo Extravaganza Show- Guest host Rush Limbo playes the Best. Music. Ever. Visits from Paul Harvey, the Guvonater, John Wayne, Our Pal W., and a heartfelt tribute to the late Bob Dylan.

3/25/07 The Regular Show- Marc wings it this week. Exotica meets the romance of German cover songs. Hilarity ensues. (Hey Marc, personal request from Armin: can you do anything about a Nyquil hangover?)

3/18/07 "Back From The Shadows-" The Rev. Marc Time examines War, the Spring and the History Of The World. And a visit from Blue Boy.

3/11/07 The It Was 40 Years, 2 Months and 4 Weeks Ago Today Show- The Rev. Marc Time gets a jump on all those John-Paul-George-Ringo-Come-Latelies with a great tribute to what many consider to be the Most Influential Pop Record of All Time, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Spilling over with session tapes, rare alternate and mono mixes and track deconstruction & commentary from The Beatles and producer George Martin.

3/4/07 The Incorrect Show- Oh this is just so wrong. Loaded up with both "incorrect" and "outsider" music, even more than you usual run-of-the-mill Hangover. They should have known better. Also, a young & beautiful camera crew interviews Marc. Nobody knows why. And a hummer from Mama Cass.

2/25/07 The Hangover Goes To Hollywood- On the morning of the Academy Awards, The Rev. Marc Time presents a tribute to some of the great music composed for the movies.

2/18/07 The Negative Show- And how are YOU today? Some wonderful rants & raves from the Reverend on death, ducks and the myth of Sysiphus. (I'm fine. And you? Fine. And you? And how are you? Fine. I'm fine. Are you fine? Fine. And now, a song about little children getting run over.)

1/28/07 BETTY BOOP SPECIAL- Part 1 of today's show is a tribute to the great songs of the Betty Boop cartoons, as originally heard in the original cartoon soundtracks and voiced by Mae Questel.
Part 2 finds a globetrotting Rev. Marc Time taking us to foreign lands for some unusual covers and a chase in the Jungle of Love. Also, Eartha Kitt gets evil and we get a hummer from Mama Cass.

1/14/07 Fun With Nukes! Celebrate our upcoming Nuke-u-lar Wars in the Mideast with the Rev as he plays excerpts from the Bear Family box set of Cold War stuff, Atomic Platters.This box set is a $230 list price German import and you may never hear it again! Listen to the likes of Johnny Cash, Groucho, Boris Karloff and Connie Francis teaching you how to build fallout shelters. Experience actual nuke attacks. Enjoy the Rockabilly, C&W and R&B sounds of artists like Wanda Jackson, Ann Marget, Bo Diddley and Hank Williams singing about blowing up Commies and the aftermath. 20 mega-tons of Fun!

1/7/07 The Free Design. It's hip to be square- or were they? Hip yes, square no. Listen with an open mind to the complex choral pop group that has inspired Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Blueboy, Gentle People, Louis Philippe, Tomorrow's World, Stereolab and Belle and Sebastian. Interspersed with interviews with band leader/ writer arranger Chris Dedrick courtesy of KCRW and WKPS. Free Design

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