Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tasered for Being an Asshole

Did you see the video of a Florida student being dragged out of a Kerry speech and tasered? He had a right to ask those questions, but he wouldn't leave the podium and the security and crowd turned against him .
I agree that the untrained campus security police were way too heavy handed.They could've handled thiswithout tasers-but he really was being an asshole, and many You Tubers agree:

"When i saw this on the TODAY show i was pissed at the cops but now i see the whole story, they cops had every right to do that."
"Freedom of speech my ass. That was pathetic. America is officialy a fascist regimn."
"They didn't arrest and taser him for voicing his opinion. They were going to escort him out of the room, but he had to keep making a scene. He was acting crazy and they clearly warned him that they would taser him, but he kept acting like an ass!"
"Obviously this person has a lack of respect for authority as well as control issues. Not only do I think the police were completely in line by using a taser, I also think that someone this volatile may need to be evaluated to see if they pose a risk to other students on campus."
"He should have asked the one question .. BUT, in no way did he deserve tthe treatment he got. Shame on Kerry for not standing up for this kid. Kerry just mumbles on as they were manhandling him. Disgraceful. That kid asked some important questions that Kerry needs to answer."
"well at least he can say he got his fifteen minutes of fame, by the way was this a public or private function?"
"If 10 people from the audience had stood up to help the guy"
"In case you didn't notice, they were cheering when he was escorted away from the microphone because he was being a jerk. Then he hyped the incident to try to get sympathy and it looks like he was successful. You are being played for a fool."
"In NYC, if you resist being handcuffed by officers for a few minutes, you better hope you only get tasered....maybe a few blows to his head with a night stick would of been better way to subdue him."

By the Way, EVERYTHING this butthead said was TRUE, and I laughed when he asked the Skull and Bones question.
Also he gave a false name at the beginning of his rant.
I heard today that this student was Andrew Meyer, a U Florida student in the College of Journalism and Communications,and was a known prankster and provocateur.
They should've asked the crowd if they wanted him off the podium.

What do YOU think after watching the video?
Watch the video here:

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