Friday, November 23, 2007

Couple Wearing Protest Shirts First Through The Door On Black Friday

From My Fave Blog CROOKS AND LIARS :

By: Logan Murphy @ 3:28 PM - PST
"I was watching MSNBC this morning and during a segment on the Black Friday shopping frenzy and the throngs of people waiting in line to get into a New Jersey mall, when something caught my eye. I rewound the video and sure enough, the first two people through the door were wearing protest shirts — “Impeach Bush” and “Out Of Iraq”.
I don’t know who these brave souls are, but I thought I’d thank them for waiting in line to get the chance to make their statement and give them props for getting the holidays off to a great start and trying to spread some good will. We can only hope security didn’t tackle, tase or beat them…"

Give them the Congressional Medal of Honor or something! Did they get interviewed and is there footage of that?
KUDOS x 10000

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