Friday, December 14, 2007

New Archived Shows Available

My good friend Armin has posted 6 new shows including :
12/09/07 The Christmas Mashup show - After a random Hour 1, Part 2 features some amazing all-star Christmas mashups. Some amazing stuff here!
12/02/07 Potpurri- including songs about spies, stormy weather, and a tributes to Evel Knievel (Hey, there's fresh air down here... ) and Lucianno Pavarotti (...and Breakfast!)
11/25/07 Foggy Potpurri- Stina Nordenstam, Claudine Longet, Sgt. Pepper's in 5 minutes, and the Jones family (Sharon, Gloria & Tom).
11/18/07 * The Wild Ride- Potpurri featuring man-trapping hints from Helen Gurley Brown, advice for kids, a Song You Used To Hate, 33-cent whistleing records, and much more. (1st hour only, sorry.)
11/11/07 The "The House of Representatives Votes To Send Cheney's Impeachment To Committee And Nobody Notices" Show
11/04/07 The Funky Warmup Show- Marc features some cool recently acquired R&B CDs, plus some features w/ Astrud Gilberto, the late Porter Wagner, plus the usual suspects Zoltan, Tom Jones and your horoscope, plus a brand new feature "Songs You Used To Hate," and Christmas with... BILLY IDOL???????

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