Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Syncopated Pandemonium

A long time ago, over 30 years ago,I had a radio program on WSHU-FM, a 1000 watt station owned by Sacred Heart University, Fairfield Connecticut.
WSHU's signal covered southwestern Connecticut and parts of New York's Long Island.
Every Thursday night I would take to the air for 4 hours to do my radio program "Syncopated Pandemonium"(from Pink Floyd's Ummagumma),a series of specials on most of the new progressive rock, space rock, and glam rock acts of the early 70's.

It has been 30 years since hearing from any Syncopated Pandemonium listeners but today I heard from one of my old listeners from WSHU- Sport Murphy from Long Island NY-

"Are you in love with the Bonzo Dog Band..."were the words that caught me, years anon while trawling the megahertz. Caught me and kept me listening to WSHU and Syncopated Pandemonium.
I was a callow teen... called you all the time from across the Sound to request Bonzos, Van Der Graaf, et al. Your on-air efforts were immeasurably influential and it's a delight to discover that you're still at it and still marvelous. You likely don't recall me, but I still use the nickname you bestowed (Sport the Odd Boy, now just plain Sport) back in the long-ago.
Without taking up your time unduly, thanks for many hours of kind telephonic indulgence and mind-opening music at a time when, as a transplanted NYC kid lost in the dire drear of Long Island, I needed both very badly.

You were a friend, and I remain yours. Best to you in the New Year and onward, amigo.

Sport Murphy"

WOW!!! This really makes my day.

If there is anyone else out there that may have heard the Syncopated Pandemonium Radio Program in the 70's please write me at
Rev Marc Time
KWVA Eugene, 88.1 FM
P.O. Box 3157
Eugene, Oregon 97403

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