Sunday, August 03, 2008

Anthrax Attacks Pushed US to go to War

Have you read about the so called 'Anthrax Suspect' who committed suicide this week?
It looks to me that in reality someone in the Bush administration used anthrax to threaten the public in 2001 to scare us into war with Iraq. Not only did CBS, Dick Cheney, members of Congress and even John McCain advance this theory of a Saddam led anthrax attack, but to this day the major media outlets are declaring the case all wrapped up with the suicide of suspect #2 this week.
The anthrax attacks that had us afraid to open our mail in 2001 were NOT from Iraq, but from within the U.S government labs. Glen Greenwald in Salon has an excellent article HERE about it.
There should be an investigation-this was one of the main reasons we were fooled in 2001 about Iraq.

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