Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Archived Radio Shows Available

Download My Radio Shows here at

Broadcast Date: Featuring:

8/17/08 The Corny Show- including songs about the radio, a ribute to Isaac Hayes, and the story of The Lazy Gondlier; also, how to tune a guitar and a visit from Today's Youth.

8/10/08 Son Of The Return Of Nervo- Marc's boyhood pal Gary Mollica returns for his annual visit to Junction City's Scandifest, bringing with him a collection of Easy Listening versions of Psychedelic Sounds, foreign language versions of some top hits (I mean, did you even know there was a Spanish version of Snoopy vs. The Red Baron?) and tons of other stuff you never knew you wanted to hear! Plus a visit to TweakerTown.

8/03/08 The Chicken Show- In celebration of National Chicken Day.

7/27/08 The Glad To Be Alive On Earth Show- Part One is an interview with Swedish singer/ songwriter Anna Ternheim, conducted when she appeared in Eugene on July 13th.

6/22/08 The Sunshiney Super Summery Show- Part One is a happy, happy tribute to the Summer Solstice; Part Two features a comprehensive interview with 60s singer/songwriter Margo Guryan, whose songs were recorded by Mama Cass, Glen Campbell, and Astrud Gilberto, among others.

5/18/08 The Swahili Show- Ahem... er, let's see... it's kinda like, well no, it isn't, it's more like... y'nkow, every once in a while Marc throws something out there just to mess with me. I'm leaving this one up to you...

Did McCain mutter "Horseshit" under his breath at the Debate Friday??

Chris over at AMERICAblog thinks he heard it...twice. Judge for yourself!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sal and Richard "Make Out" While Lehman Bros Falls

Sal and Richard from the Howard Stern radio show ran down to Lehman Bros last Monday and decided to "make out" in front of the CNN Cameras. Funny as hell.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama will LOWER your taxes

...unless you make more than 250 K a year!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Downloadable Radio Shows

“ Sunday Morning Hangover” has been entertaining Eugene since 2002 by playing obscure and forgotten musical genres like Exotica, Lounge, International, Found Music, Stupid Songs, Bizarre Children’s Music, Jazz, Rock, Country, Folk, Classical, Nostalgia, and Comedy while trying to maintain a palatable mix entertaining enough to listen to even with a Hangover. Past shows have featured Rare and Unreleased tracks not commercially available and unheard on other radio shows.
Shows available include:
An interview with 60s singer/songwriter Margo Guryan
The story ofThe Free Design.
Songs from Betty Boop cartoons
The Prepared Piano of Ferrante & Teicher
The Worst Of Elvis
A special tribute to the career and recordings of Miss Nancy Sinatra.
Downloads available at :

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Totally Fuzzy MP3 and Music Blog List And Directory: General *