Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Old Friends

In the past few weeks I have reconnected with a LOT of old friends from my punk/new wave J Poet,Steve Mondello,Irene Dogmatic,members of Pink Section,Jim Goodwin, Kim Ham ,Steve Cornell,Melanie,Mike Montalto, Laura, Amy,and many others from the late 70's Berkeley scene. It's been so much fun-if any one reading this remembers any of the bands like the Jars I was in please contact me I'd like to hear from you.Look for me here or on Facebook.
In other news, I am still at the fitness center every day and I have lost a little weight and a pants size or 2,and I am firming up.Still looking for work,the job I applied to yesterday had 100 applicants in front of me.
Thanks for all of you that enjoyed my whistling radio show-the record convention was a gas and it was great to meet you in person.

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