Monday, April 13, 2009


Archived Hangover Shows available at

4/12/09 A Chocolate Covered Hangover- The Rev. Marc Time's Easter show includes many traditional favorites, from Judy Garland and Spike Jones to Bugs Bunny and Peter Cottontail, plus spins from Johnny Otis, The Critters, The Kinks, The Who, Henry Badowski, Yard Sale and more. Part 2 features an interview with the California Pop Surfer from Vancouver, B.C., Laurie Biagini.

Cheesecake & Waffles- Today's show features music from some albums by artists who were too ugly to appear on their own album covers and were replaced by "cheesecake" photos of models instead. (What's next, records by ventriloquist dummies? Oh wait, Marc's already done that...) Also music from Royksopp, James Brown, Laurie Biagini, The Kinks, The Monkees, Harry Nilsson, Leo DeLyon and Shatner. Part 2 features an interview with Dave from Eugene's newest culinary headliner, "Off The Waffle."

The Eeefin' Show- Starts with a focus on March's Womens Month with music from Nouvelle Vague, Bebel Gilberto, Anna Ternheim, Imogen Heap and more; a Stolen Song Segment featuring styles that influenced The Beatles; Royksopp, Shatner, Eno, a James Brown contest; Part Two features a focus on the singularly peculiar vocal style known as "Eeefin" (as featured recently in WFMU's Beware Of The Blog.)

3/22/09 A Sunshiney Pop Special!! Marc Time joins host Craig Lev (of KWVA's Snap- Crackle- Pop! show) in presenting a great collection of groovy Sunshine Pop, including tracks from Margo Guryen, Donovan, Harpers Bizarre, The Association, Mark Eric, Spanky & Our Gang, Peppermint Rainbow, Laurie Bioginni, Curt Beecher, Saggitarius, Peppermint Rainbow, The Cowsills, The Left Banke, The Beach Boys, The Moon, The Free Design, Match, Neon Philharmonic, Bergen White, The Poppy Family, The Blades Of Grass, The Fortunes, Page France, The Yellow Balloon, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Turtles, Orpheus... just a ton of great fun! Make time for this one!

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