Sunday, August 30, 2009

National Be Kind to Hippies Week Playlist for 8/30/2009

Moody Blues - Departure
Moody Blues - Ride My See Saw
Michael Mills - Satanic Messages In Rock Music (Grateful Dead)
Jefferson Airplane - A Small Package of Value Will Come To You Shortly
Jefferson Airplane - Young Girl Sunday Blues
Reut Regev - Hula Hula
The Fugs - I Couldn't Get High
The Dellwoods From Mad Magazine - She Got A Nose Job
Fever Tree - San Francisco Girls
Dave Brubeck - Blue Rondo a la Turk
Love - Love Is More Than Words
Benny Goodman - Jam Session
The Doors - Summer's Almost Gone
The Byrds - Everyone's Been Burned
Steppenwolf - The Pusher
Miles Davis - The Pan Piper
Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men
The Flowerpot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco
Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free
The Voices of Cape Cod - Ballad of Mary Jo
The Twin Peaks Diane Tapes of Agent Cooper
Don Eddings - Chappaquidick Bridge
Charles Mingus - Boogie Stop Shuffle
The Shangrilas - Leader of the Pack
Six Flags Over Texas - The Sound of Fun
Vaughn Monroe - They Call The Wind Mariah
Unknown - Dreams (on Life Records)
Laurie Biagini - Sweet Dream Symphony
Christian McBride - Brother Mister
Imogene Heap - First Train Home (instrumental)
Imogene Heap - Between Sheets (instrumental)
Imogene Heap - Half Life (instrumental)
Sally Shapiro - Looking at the Stars
Dominick Dunne - The Claudine Longet Story
Kathleen Edwards - Goodnight, California
Cotton Jones - White Clouds
Goldfrapp - Utopia (The New Ears Mix)
Sally Shapiro - Save Your Love

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