Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I haven't checked in here for awhile. This spring I applied for a St Vincent de Paul Rehab loan. This loan is for up to 25K of home improvement,no interest,no payments till the house sells.
So today I signed off on all the work that was done this summer:new heatpump/AC ,roof work new windows doors insulation new electrical ,bathroom ,paint,gutters,garage,the works. I tore down the chimney and created an open second floor space in the attic. I worked on the bathroom,and floors Oh Yes new wood floors!
So my house in Junction City looks beautiful and it'll be real toasty this winter.
I started census work again,you may recall I did census in the spring, but this one will be much shorer.
And it looks like I will have a part time job at St Vinnies RHHB office,helping people get Rehab loans. Stay tuned.
Hoping I at least make #3 on the EW readers poll. If not it won't matter,I think I am doing interesting and funny radio.Record Convention at KWVA Erb Nov 7 at noon-I'll be there selling CDs 45s LPs and tapes.
Still looking for full time work with benefits-mine run out in Jan.
I really appreciate all my friends here,on FB,on KWVA ,at the census,and at the Museum,near and far

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three Hour Hangover Playlist for 9/27/09

Beck-Sunday Morning
Fleetwood Mac-Albatross
Beatles-Sun King
Scott Fields-Ghost Trio
Vienna Boys Choir-Message In a bottle
Gene Bianco-September Song
Scala Children’s Chorus-Bittersweet Symphony
Miles Davis-Solea
Aceylone+RJD2-A Beautiful Mine (Theme to Mad Men)
Chantel Kreviazuk-Leaving on a Jet Plane
Nouvelle Vague-Too Drunk to F#*K(censored)
Ann Cole-Don’t Stop the Wedding
Bob Shimusu-Signal Strength
Bob Dylan-Copper Kettle
John Phillips-Mississippi
TV Theme-One Day at a Time
Spike Jones-Puff the Magic Dragon
T.C.Jones-Champagne Cocktail
Jim Backus-Delicious
Bing Day-Mother’s Place from 7_
Bonzo Dog Band-My Pink Half of the Drainpipe
Val Jean-Bird Mash
Troggs-Good Vibrations
Ben Dowling-Spirit Dance
Zoe and the Stormies-Let’s Shake Baby
Dani-H Come Hippie]
ZhangXiao Yun and Lin DeChuan-I Should Have Known Better
Paleto-Think of One
Talking Heads (1975)-Warning Sign
Captain Sensible-Geoff Loosens His Tie
The Postmarks-Lucky Charm
Ernie Djohan and her Buana Suara-To Sir with Love
Yard Sale-Out of Time
Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
King Curtis Combo-Arthur Murray Twist
Mel Torme-Secret Agent Man
Small Faces-You Need Loving
101 Strings Orchestra-Karma Sitar’
Union Avenue-I Shot the Sheriff
Festus-Talks About Teenage Music and Dances
Valentinos-It’s Al Over Now
Rutles-I Must Be In Love
Elvis Costello-Days
Leon Russell-Out in The Woods
Earle Dowd Sounds Funny-What’ll ya Have?
Red Peters-I Can’t Say These Things
Howard Beale from “Network”-I’m Mad as Hell
Greyhound-Unchained Melody
Adolf Noise-We Are the World
Conchita Velasco-Le Chick Ye Ye
Herve Villachez-Why Do We Have to Fight?
Nina and Mike-In the Year 2525(German)
Linda Laurie-Ambrose pt 5
Big Fish Ensemble-I Am Woman
Chiemi Eri-Rock Around the Clock
Laurie Biagini-Rockin My World like You Only Know How
Sally Shapiro-Looking at the Stars

Change of the Season Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist for September 20, 2009

Yeasayer-Ah, Weir
Royksopp-Someone Like Me
Anna Ternheim-My Secret
Jim Rotondi-One Mint Julep
Cotton Jones- Gone the Bells
Shep Fields-Dream a Little Dream of Me
Peter Paul and Mary-Puff the Magic Dragon
Peter Paul and Mary –Stewball
Bread-It Don’t Matter To Me
Big Star-The Ballad of El Goodo
John Petitucci Trio-Meditation
Les Baxter and others-12 Themes to the Lassie TV Show
Curtis Mayfield-We’ve Only Just Begun
Dave Brubeck-Kathy Waltz
Crosby Stills and Nash-Deja Vu
Todd Snider-America’s Favorite Pastime
Steve Carlisle-WKRP in Cincinatti
The Postmarks-My Lucky Charm
The Jim Carroll Band-All the People Who Died
Jake Hertzog-Lullaby for a Dreamer
Bob Dylan-4th Time Around
Bob Dylan-No More Auction Block
Chiemi Eri-Rock Around the Clock
Frequency-Summer in Central PA
Willie Bobo-Evil Ways
The Pioneers-Long Shot
Count Basie-Like Young
Delroy Wilson-Gave You My Love
Incidental Music from Ren and Stimpy-4 selections
King Curtis-Bad Bad Whiskey
William Shatner-What is a Bozo?
Devo-Freedom of Choice (instrumental)
Imogen Heap-Half Life (instrumental and vocal)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist for September 13, 2009

Harry Nilsson- Early in the Morning
Mose Allison-Young Man Blues
Nick Drake-One of these Things First
Gary Burton-Hullo Bolinas
Crash Test Dummies-MMM MMM MMM
Emerson,Lake and Palmer-Take a Pebble
Charlie Mingus-Pussy Cat Dues
Flaming Lips-A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
Barry Adamson-Hollywood Sunset
Mel Brooks-High Anxiety
Dave Brubeck-Pickup Sticks
The Moon-A Tiks-Meet the Moon-A-Tiks
Harry Nilsson-Coconut
Festus-Talks about Girls
Lee Morse-Taint No Sin to Dance Around in Your Bones
Fred Anderson-Sunday Afternoon
David Bowie-Laughing Gnome
Firesign Theatre-Adventures of Mark Time
Peels-Juanita Banana
New York City Jazz Repertory-Le Petit Fleur
Village People-Ready for the 80’s
David Essex-Rock On
Ed McMahon-What do you want to be when you grow up?
James Brown-That Dood it
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
Postmarks-My Lucky Charm
Billy Joe Royal-Cherry Hill Park
Emmy Orfo and her Rhythm Escorts-Fish House Function
Jerry Reed-Rockin’ Baghdad
Cookie Monster-Hey Food
Annuals-Hungry I’m Hungry
Brother Bones-Jada
Don Drummond-Alipang
Georgie Fame-Yeh Yeh
Wailers-I’m Gonna Put it On
Lester Sterling Group-Out of Nowhere
Rolondo Alphonso-President Kennedy(Yeh Yeh)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

"September Song" playlist for 9/6/09

LISTEN HERE: https://archive.org/details/mt20090906_sepsong_1
Lou Reed-September Song
Julie London-September in the Rain
Kinks-Change of the Season
James Brown-September Song
Reut Regev-Clean Dirt
Leo de Lyon-For Me and My Gal
Leo de Lyon-Cheek to Cheek
Leo de Lyon-Sick Manny's Gym
Dave Brubeck-Three to Get Ready
Imogen Heap-Between Sheets
Unknown Children's Record-Happy Birthday Polka
Floyd Cramer-Rain on the Roof
Golden Gate Strings-Mr. Tambourine Man
Jonathan Edwards-It Might as Well be Spring
Christian McBridge-Used to Could
Soul Survivors-Expressway to Your Heart
Valjean-Bird Mash
The Equals-Baby Come Back
Travelers Insurance World's Fair NY 1964 record-The Triumph of Man side 1
Helen and Dick Bouchard-Nobody Wears a Frown in Tweekertown
Argent-God Gave Rock and Roll to You
Ren and Stimpy-Opening from Radio Daze
Robert Maxwell-Solfeggio
Antoine-Popcorn (vocal in German)
Monterey Quartet-Minitour
Hollies-Stop Stop Stop
Jim Backus-Delicious
Rolling Stones-On With the Show
Idle Race-On With the Show
Soul Messin-Tokyo Sauce
Jerry Lewis-Sunday Driving
Red Sovine-The Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel
The High Hopes-Travelin Band
Nostalgia 77-Visions
D J Zebra-You Really Got Me
CCC-Stand By Every Breathe You Take
Go Home Productions-Paperback Believer
Count Basie Orchestra-Jessica's Day
Beach Boys-The Little Girl I Once Knew
Joey Ramone-What a Wonderful World
Beach Boys-Dance Dance Dance
Lula Reed and Freddie King-Do the President Twist
Twist Con Texico-Bailemos otra vez Twist
Ole' Miss. Downbeats-Geraldine