Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Hangover Playlist for September 13, 2009

Harry Nilsson- Early in the Morning
Mose Allison-Young Man Blues
Nick Drake-One of these Things First
Gary Burton-Hullo Bolinas
Crash Test Dummies-MMM MMM MMM
Emerson,Lake and Palmer-Take a Pebble
Charlie Mingus-Pussy Cat Dues
Flaming Lips-A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
Barry Adamson-Hollywood Sunset
Mel Brooks-High Anxiety
Dave Brubeck-Pickup Sticks
The Moon-A Tiks-Meet the Moon-A-Tiks
Harry Nilsson-Coconut
Festus-Talks about Girls
Lee Morse-Taint No Sin to Dance Around in Your Bones
Fred Anderson-Sunday Afternoon
David Bowie-Laughing Gnome
Firesign Theatre-Adventures of Mark Time
Peels-Juanita Banana
New York City Jazz Repertory-Le Petit Fleur
Village People-Ready for the 80’s
David Essex-Rock On
Ed McMahon-What do you want to be when you grow up?
James Brown-That Dood it
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
Postmarks-My Lucky Charm
Billy Joe Royal-Cherry Hill Park
Emmy Orfo and her Rhythm Escorts-Fish House Function
Jerry Reed-Rockin’ Baghdad
Cookie Monster-Hey Food
Annuals-Hungry I’m Hungry
Brother Bones-Jada
Don Drummond-Alipang
Georgie Fame-Yeh Yeh
Wailers-I’m Gonna Put it On
Lester Sterling Group-Out of Nowhere
Rolondo Alphonso-President Kennedy(Yeh Yeh)

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