Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday Morning Hangover 4/8/10

Thursday Morning Hangover 4/8/10
8:10AM Nicola Conte “Mood Indigo” from Mood Indigo (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 04/08/2010) New

08:15AM Röyksopp “De Ushuaia a La Quica” from De Ushuaia a La Quica (CD, EP, Private) New

08:20AM Stina Nordenstam “Slow Piece” from Slow Piece (CD, EP, Private)

08:25AM Bon Iver “Lump Sum” from Lump Sum (CD, Album, Private)

08:35AM Allesando Magnanini “Greetings from Here” from Greetings from Here (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 04/08/2010) New

08:40AM Matching Mole “Oh Caroline/Instant Pussy” from Oh Caroline/Instant Pussy (CD, Album, Private)

09:12AM Margo Guryan “Think Of Rain” from Think Of Rain (CD, Album, Private)

09:15AM Halie Loren “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For” from I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (CD, Album, Private) New

09:16AM Cibelle “Waiting” from Waiting (Rotation, Album, Private) New

09:18AM Imogen Heap “First Train Home vocal/Instrumental” from First Train Home vocal/Instrumental (CD, Album, Private) New

09:22AM Kate Havnevik “Kaleidoscope” from Kaleidoscope (Cassette, Album, Private)

09:23AM Goldfrapp “Voice Thing” from Voice Thing (CD, Album, Private) New

09:24AM David Lynch/Sparklehorse “I Can Catch It” from I Can Catch It (CD, Album, Private) New

09:26AM Bird and Bee “Kiss is on My Lips” from Kiss is on My Lips (Rotation, Album, Private) New

09:27AM Zombies “I LOve You” from I LOve You (CD, Album, Private)

09:27AM Yard Sale “Smile” from Smile (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

09:28AM Flaming Lips “Starting Over” from Starting Over (CD, Album, Private)

09:30AM Willie Nelson “Rainbow Connection” from rainbow connection (Rotation, Album, Acoustic/Folk, added 04/08/2010) New

09:37AM Dave Douglas “Orujo” from Orujo (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 04/08/2010) New

09:38AM Ween “Zoloft” from Zoloft (CD, Album, Private)

09:39AM Katja Ebstein “A Hard Days Night” from A Hard Days Night (Rotation, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap, added 04/08/2010) New

09:42AM Enoch Light And His Orchestra “Bond Street” from Bond Street (Album, Private)

09:47AM Holly Yarlborough “Won't You Be My Neighbor?” from Won't You Be My Neighbor? (CD, Album, Private)

09:50AM William Shatner “What Is a Bozo?” from What Is a Bozo? (CD, Album, Private)

09:53AM Pete Drake “Forever” from Forever (CD, Album, Private)

09:54AM Sisters of Saint Francis “In Heaven There Is No Beer” from In Heaven There Is No Beer (CD, Album, Private)

09:55AM Jimi Hendrix “EXP” from EXP (CD, Album, Private)

09:55AM Jimi Hendrix “Up From The Skies” from Up From The Skies (CD, Album, Private)

09:56AM Cookin' On 3 Burners “Tokyo Saucer” from Tokyo Saucer (Rotation, Album, Jazz, added 04/08/2010) New

10:02AM TV Themes “Tennessee Tuxedo” from Tennessee Tuxedo (CD, Album, Private)

10:05AM Waylon Jennings “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” from Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Rotation, Album, Acoustic/Folk, added 04/08/2010) New

10:06AM Big Star “The Ballad of El Goodo” from The Ballad of El Goodo (CD, Album, Private)

10:10AM Cotton Jones “Don't Got A Lotta Time” from Don't Got A Lotta Time (CD, EP, Private)

10:13AM Rolling Stones “In Another Land backing Track” from In Another Land backing Track (CD, Album, Private)

10:16AM Zombies “You Make Me Feel Good” from You Make Me Feel Good (CD, Album, Private)

10:19AM Bird and Bee “I Can't Go For That” from I Can't Go For That (Rotation, Album, Other, added 04/08/2010) New

10:23AM Gunther “Ding Dong Song” from Ding Dong Song (CD, Album, Private)

10:27AM Marvin Gaye “You Sure Love To Ball” from You Sure Love To Ball (CD, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap)

10:31AM Halie Loren “Sunny Afternoon” from Live (CD, Album, Jazz, added 03/30/2010) Local, New

10:35AM James Last “Bolero 1975” from Bolero 1975 (Rotation, Album, Hip-Hop/Rap, added 04/08/2010) New

10:40AM BCO with Shatner/Nimoy “There Will Come Soft Rains” from There Will Come Soft Rains (CD, Album, Private)

10:43AM Röyksopp “Vision One (instrumental)” from Vision One (instrumental) (CD, Album, Private) New

10:47AM Neil Young “Loner” from Loner (CD, Album, Acoustic/Folk)

10:50AM Carole King “Hes A Bad Boy” from Hes A Bad Boy (CD, Album, Private)

10:54AM Del Reeves “Girl on the Billboard” from Girl on the Billboard (CD, Album, Private)

10:55AM Mike Flowers Pops “Velvet Underground Medley” from Velvet Underground Medley (CD, Album, Private)

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